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A locality in the Northern Tablelands under the local government area of Guyra Shire in New South Wales, rural Llangothlin is located 11 kilometres north of Guyra, 49 kilometres south of Glen Innes, 49 kilometres north of Armidale and 555 kilometres north of the state capital of Sydney. The town began as a 50,000-acre pastoral run leased by William Rawson in 1848, named after the Welsh community called Llangollen in Denbighshire. Llangothlin had a railway station that was opened in 1884, but it was closed around 1974 and the railway line has also remained closed. The town’s old church now houses a crafts shop, while the Llangothlin Post office that opened in 1886 is now a private residence. Around 11 kilometres northeast of the town is...

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