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About New England North West

The New England North West region may not ring any bells to non-locals, but we bet Tamworth and Armidale sure do. For 10 days every year, more than 30,000 people travel to Tamworth to see the biggest names in country music. We’re talking about the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
When people aren’t visiting the region for country star spotting, they’re making the way to The Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth. This 40ft guitar weighs over 453kg and is located along the New England Highway.
The region itself sits along the New South Wales and Queensland border. Midway through the region, you’ll come to the town of Bingara, known as a historic mining town. It remains one of the few locations in Australia where diamonds have been found, once claiming the title of Australia’s largest producer of the precious stone. People still head to Bingara for gold, gem and crystal fossicking in hopes of coming across a jackpot.
Speaking of gemstones, the town of Inverell in the New England region is known for its stunning sapphires. The town is even nicknamed The Sapphire City for this reason.
More than 180,000 people call the New England region home. We highly recommend taking a scenic drive through the region to visit some of the historic towns still standing today.

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