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What do flowers mean?

If a picture paints a thousand words, flowers express a million feelings. Whatever the occasion may be, flowers amplify one's feelings towards the other as well as the occasion. While they will wither, the feelings do not. They stay permanently etched in the hearts and minds of the receiver. Let's take a closer look at the different emotion’s flowers convey.
  1. An expression of love.

    It's not just between a man and a woman. On Mother's Day, flowers are the most sought-after gift as they are simple yet expressive. From a single stalk to flower bouquets, flowers are the perfect way to express one's love for the other
  2. Flowers create happiness.

    Although flowers aren't uncommon or unusual gifts, it never fails to bring a smile to someone. Because flowers are often associated with special occasions, giving them to someone will draw a smile. To one feeling unwell, stressed, anxious, burnout or worried, the bright colours of a fresh sunflower can provide some relief and bring comfort.
  3. Celebrate life's journey.

    From birthdays, engagement parties, weddings to the birth of the first child, there's a bouquet or bunch flowers to commemorate the occasion. Flowers can become an important part of a ceremony or event, with many choosing floral designers who specialise in the occasion.
  4. Show sympathy.

    In an emotionally trying time, picking the right words to express your sympathy or sadness can be difficult. In any culture or language, when words just don't seem to be good enough flowers can fill in the blanks.
  5. Show appreciation.

    Again, you can't go wrong in choosing flowers to show your appreciation. The problem with giving other forms of physical gifts is you get caught up in the utilitarian value of the item. Flowers are always the perfect gift and can convey the right message, when thought is put into the styling, colour and type.

How do I keep flowers fresh?

No matter the type of flower, florists understand the importance of keeping flowers fresh. Remember, flowers can alter the emotional state one is in. It is supposed to trigger warmth, serene and happy feelings. Although they wilt, it's unacceptable to give flowers that aren't fresh and alive. Hence, florists have a number of ways to keep flowers as fresh as possible. Here are some of the common practices.
  1. Cut the stem.

    Doing so allows freshwater to penetrate the stem. Cut them at a 45-degree angle every 3 days or so. Whether you cut it individually or a small bunch at a time doesn't matter. It's not a lot that you'll have to cut. An inch or so should be sufficient.
  2. Shave the foliage.

    Florists spend a good part of their day doing this. Foliage at the base of the stem and under the waterline can be destructive. By removing them, the water will be clear and clean as well as eliminate any foul smell. It also eliminates bacteria. When done regularly, this practice can keep the flowers alive longer.
  3. Change the water regularly.

    Changing the water every 2 days helps keep the flowers fresh and alive longer. It’s the simplest tip yet not diligently done sometimes. Whatever receptacle is used to house the flowers should be rinsed as well. It's also a good time to remove foliage that may have grown over time.
  4. Remove wilting and dead flowers.

    They can be an eyesore. Regardless of how well you may have done the above steps, flowers, like all living things, will fade and die. Apart from being an eyesore, wilting and dead flowers can contaminate those still blooming.
  5. Find a good spot to place your flowers.

    A cool, shady spot is best. It should only receive indirect sunlight. When placed in these spots, they can be kept fresh and alive longer. Ensuring your gift of flowers is fresh is important. The intended expression will be lost when little or no care is given to the well-being of the flowers. Imagine receiving a bouquet of flowers as a housewarming gift that appears mouldy and wilting. Some might be offended by it.

How to pick the freshest flowers.

  1. Get there early.

    Most florists open early. Mornings are the best times to buy flowers. Head to a florist near you to get the freshest pick. Unlike the supermarkets, they are less likely to have been stocked overnight. They're as fresh as you can get from your garden if you do have one.
  2. Decide on colours before going to the florist.

    They're colourful and beautiful, especially when fresh. It can be difficult to choose as you might be hit with sensory overload. Heading down to the local florist with a colour palette in mind helps to avoid the latter. After all, too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good.
  3. Go with the seasons.

    The same principle applied with fruits and vegetables is relevant to flowers too - go with the seasons. Not only are they in ample supply, which may bring down the cost, but they also capture the positive feelings of the season. To some extent, they amplify the message to be conveyed to the receiver or occasion.
  4. Healthy buds.

    Do not be tempted to choose flowers that have completely opened or bloomed. Remember, they need to 'hang around' for a while longer. Hence, having a mix of those that are opened and those with healthy buds is good practice. It's a huge "WOW!" to be greeted in the morning by a rich full bloom that occurred overnight.
  5. Fragrance.

    The beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers has been proven to have psychological benefits. From positive energy to optimism, they can place someone in better shape emotionally. It's not uncommon to find hospital wards lined up with baskets of flowers as gifts for patients. So, choose with your nose too. It’s obvious florists aren't just retailers of flowers. People look to them for guidance in making their selection. Many willingly share them as running a florist is both a passion as well as a source of livelihood. But what if you are getting them online, which is increasingly common now? What should you look out for?

What people look out for in an online florist?

  1. The website design.

    You aren't likely to walk into a florist that is not pleasing to the eye, would you? It's the same thing when choosing an eCommerce site to buy flowers. The look and feel of the website should be the first clue of its credibility. From displays of their flowers, navigation, blogs to checkout carts, they can give prospects a good sense if they've landed on the right site.
  2. Reviews.

    People tend to read and compare online reviews, especially if it is their first experience with the site. Reviews give potential customers a good indication of the florists' specialty, level of customer service, quality of the product, and value for money. Positive reviews for florists help consumers make a choice when purchasing flowers and give peace of mind.
  3. Quality of the delivery service.

    Timeliness is everything when sending flowers to someone, especially for a specific occasion. The nomadic lifestyle people lead means it's not always possible to deliver the flowers themselves. It could be interstate or across the globe. Wherever it may be, they expect the flowers to arrive at the destination fresh and on time. This is the one thing in life "better late than never" doesn't apply. A day later can make a difference.
  4. Variety of flowers and styles.

    In-store and online, having a wide variety to choose from is important. Most would stock the popular species of flowers. But from time to time, people may be in search of something different. After all, as mentioned earlier, conventions and traditions have been broken, for example, roses are not the only flowers that speak the language of love.
  5. How they ensure the freshness of the flowers.

    Being an online florist, there should be a section on the website dedicated to sharing this information. Potential buyers need to feel assured the flowers in the hands of the receiver are as fresh as they had picked them out themselves at the local florist.
  6. Price of flowers.

    At present, there isn't an equivalent of a Trivago or for online florists. So, potential buyers may browse the web to check out as many online florists as possible in search of the best deal. Keep in mind this isn't necessarily the lowest price. There are other factors they'll consider, some of which have been discussed above.
  7. Floral arrangements.

    The floral arrangement adds another dimension to the intended message. It's got to be carefully thought through too. Just putting together a bunch of flowers to be sent is like sending someone an IKEA flat-pack as a gift. Unlike in the store, where the florist is able to help with the arrange the floral arrangement, pictures of different floral arrangements play an important part in drawing potential buyers' interest. Having a page dedicated to showcase the online florist's experience and expertise in floral arrangement helps.
    As experts in the use of flowers to convey human emotions, florists pay close attention to arrangement too. The presentation can make a huge difference. Just the thought that careful attention has been given to the presentation brings a few more smiles to the receiver. Furthermore, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the presentation. Let's look at some of the more common types of floral arrangement used by florists.
    Vertical or horizontal bouquet. It's a pretty common arrangement. Whilst it doesn't have the depth in meaning in contrast to some other arrangements, it is universally accepted as presentable. They are typically accompanied by a rich combination of greens to bring the arrangement to life. Triangle bouquet. Shaping the bunch of flowers into a triangle takes time and effort. From choosing petals of different sizes to pruning them to shape, it requires patience and imagination. The ability to visualise the final product is borne out of the experience as well as an acute knowledge of the flowers to be used. As such, it is usually used for special occasions like weddings.
    Oval bouquet. For a dense presentation, the oval shape does the job. But it must not look 'bulky' or 'heavy'. Creating the elegant look and feel despite its size is important. Typically, the brightest and tallest flowers are positioned in the centre. They are the focal point of the arrangement. Because of its size, oval arrangements are highly suitable as interior decoration pieces at home or event venues. The above are the more common types of floral arrangements that florists use. But they are only limited by their imagination. Most florists sell accessories they can use to produce floral arrangements that capture the essence of the occasion or message better. Of course, the availability of the right type of flowers matters as well in the floral arrangement.

Concluding thoughts

Flowers are timeless and have universal appeal as gifts. A rose, tulip or daffodil speaks volumes of how one feels about the other or occasion. But the meaning can be lost in the absence of care in its freshness, arrangement or presentation as well as timeliness of giving it. Though simple, it is a pretty delicate gift.

Be it the local florist or online, it's wise to spend time 'to smell the roses' as they say before picking out the right bunch. The internet is rich with resources people can turn to anytime. Alternatively, a visit to the local florist can be a good learning experience as well.

It's been said, there isn't any other thing in life that is as effective as flowers in connecting with another person at the emotional level. Flowers are the most effective gift. The deep meanings flowers can convey leave a lasting impression. This is not lost on florists.

On this note, the industry will continue to grow. Its rate of growth may differ from time to time. With new conventions and traditions being created by the younger generation, innovation will keep refreshing the industry.