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Do you love getting into the Christmas spirit? With the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to start filling your home with Christmas colour. If you want to decorate your home, but don’t want to spend a fortune, we’ve got the perfect cheap Christmas decorating tips to get your home ready for holiday season.

Everyone feels stressed at some point, but knowing how to release your anxiety is the key to banishing unwanted tension. We’ve found some great, easy ways for you to relieve stress—unwind with a cuppa and read out helpful stress-relieving tips!

With so many incredible make-up artists hammering our Facebook and Instagram feeds, you can’t help but want to try out some of those looks for yourself—especially at this time of year! If you like getting into the Halloween spirit by transforming yourself into a creepy creature or malevolent monster, but lack the tools and expertise to pull off the horrifying look you want, we’ve got you covered! These 5 make-up ideas are super simple, don’t require much skill and won’t cost an arm and a leg—so you can still do that zombie walk!

If you dream of having hair like Rapunzel, micro bead hair extensions will grant your wish. But with privilege comes responsibility. Not caring for your hair extensions may result in tangled hair, needing premature adjustments, or in extreme cases, hair loss! By following our tips, you’ll help ensure that none of these disasters happen to you.

The Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the country! Hidden among the breathtaking beaches and the lush green hinterland there are a few dangerous animals and insects you need to watch out for! From stinging bluebottles to venomous arachnids, check out our list of insects and animals you should try to avoid when having fun on the Gold Coast.

Whether you're keen to get your heart racing with an hour of boxing, or would rather inspect the elements of your body through a session of yoga, you're bound to find the perfect fitness class on the Gold Coast. We've done the research to find some of the best fitness classes on the Coast, designed to make exercise fun, effective and enjoyable! Shake your hips at Zumba or punch your way to fitness—it's up to you!

There's nothing worse than feeling in the dark when it comes to your health. Whether you're preparing for your first hearing test, or simply want to know a little more about how they work, we've done the research to find out the information you need. From who preforms them, to what to expect and how the results are delivered, read on for all you need to know!

If you're looking to experience something truly breathtaking, take a trip to the Gold Coast hinterland. Home to epic views, rainforests, native wildlife and much more, there really is something for everyone to enjoy! Visit the famous Mount Tamborine for a range of walking tracks and attractions suitable for all ages, or take a trip to Springbrook where you'll find some of the best waterfalls and viewpoints this region has to offer.

Hearing is a a sense that we often take for granted. Do you ever experience ringing in your ears? It may be caused by tinnitus, which can be detrimental to your hearing. If you experience that annoying ringing in your ears, or believe you aren't hearing as clearly as usual, it is important to schedule a hearing test. Regardless of whether you're experiencing hearing loss symptoms or not, a hearing check is a great investment. We've put together some facts about your precious sense, as well as some info on hearing loss just in time for Hearing Awareness Week.

Love the salon experience but can't afford it every week? Get creative with these fantastic DIY hacks, perfect for beauty on a budget. Whether your hair needs some TLC, or your complexion is feeling dry and unloved, you can apply these amazing beauty treatments for a salon experience in the comfort of your own home! Keen to spoil yourself with a professional beauty treatment? If you live on the Gold Coast, we suggest checking out the locations below for a stand-out salon experience.

This delectable vegan chocolate cake is deliciously moist and can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for several days before it will start to go dry. The perfect treat to complement your afternoon coffee, or savoured after dinner, this decadent dessert can be tailored to your individual tastes or occasion. Coat in our creamy choc-coconut 'butter-icing' (recipe included) or serve with fresh cream and sliced fruit for a delicious twist. Containing no eggs, dairy-milk or butter, this recipe is one hundred per cent vegan—not that you can tell the difference! Read on for the full recipe.

With more than 100 varieties of beer available, it can be somewhat of a challenge to decide what to order at the bar. If you're new to the world of beer, don't let the extensive choice scare you off—check out this simplified guide for all you need to know. We've done our research to provide you with a brief explanation of the most popular types of beer; from stout and pale ale to pilsner and red lager, you can find it here! Looking for somewhere that serves up crisp, cold beer? Check out the Queensland locations below for a great brew.

Lets face it—who isn't a fan of nibbles? Well, when it comes to celebrating food with your friends, hors d'oeuvres are a great way to display your kitchen prowess. Supplying everyone with tantalising starters before the main course is also a fool-proof way to keep your dinner guests' hunger satisfied. Whether you want to glide around the party offering trays of delicious bites, or would prefer everyone to sit down for a tapas-style feed, we've sourced some delicious hors d'oeuvres to serve up. Read on to get some inspiration for your next social event!

If you’re new to a gym, you may hear a few terms flying around which have you absolutely baffled. DOM’s, HIIT, maxing out and macros may seem like a completely different language, but in the fitness world are every day phrases. Before you go around attempting to use the lingo, check out this guide of the top 10 gym terms to get you up to date. You will be talking the talk in no time! Looking for a gym or post-workout snack on the Gold Coast? Don’t sweat it! We have you sorted there too with our favourite spots on the Coast.

If you're a workout nut, or want to get back into the swing of things, one of the best ways to get motivated is to make sure you have an amazing playlist. Picking the right tunes for your workout can take you from couch potato to svelte athlete in no time. We've picked out our favourite songs for 5 different types of exercise, so no matter what your workout involves we've got you covered! If you're on the Gold Coast, we've also found a great gym and a perfect post-workout treat to get you started.

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