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A small town under the Warrumbungle Shire local government area in central western New South Wales, Mendooran is located 73.1 kilometres northeast of Dubbo, 37.6 kilometres northwest of Dunedoo, 386 kilometres northwest of Sydney and 329 kilometres west of Newcastle. The town proper is situated on the intersection between the Mendooran Road, Yalcogran Street and the Castlereagh Highway, and is flanked by the Castlereagh River and Merrygoen Creek. Prior to European settlement, the Wiradjuri tribe lived in the area, and it is said that the town’s name was derived from a tribal leader named either Mundoo or Mundo. In the 1860s, a small settlement grew along the old station near the bridge over the Castlereagh River, and was called Mundoor...

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