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Berrima is a village in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. It was previously known as the Town of Berrima and is situated on the Old Hume Highway. The Wingecarribee River, which is part of the Hawkesbury-Napean catchment, was first discovered in 1798 and then rediscovered in 1814.
One of the many historical sites in Berrima is the Berrima Courthouse. Built between 1836 and 1838, the courthouse is now a museum courtroom where the trials of John Lynch are re-enacted with mannequins and audio commentary. Also in Berrima is the old Berrima Gaol, a correctional facility that was built by convicts for over five years. The correctional facility was used as a German-prisoner internment camp during World War I. It has been used mos...

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