Most people think that a beauty salon is a place to go to have your hair, nails or any other body part, well, beautified.

The reality is that most beauty salons do just that but there are many other services such as styling, facials, spa, skin care, hair care, nail services and facial treatments that you can take advantage of offered by professional beauty professionals at different beauty salons whose job is to improve how you look and feel about yourself. Below are the more popular services and beauty treatments that you can find at a beauty salon.

Massage therapy

Who does not love a good massage? There are various types of massages that you can have at a spa in a beauty salon. For example, there are prenatal massage, relaxation massages which are meant to help reduce anxiety and stress, cross-fibre friction to break up adhesions in the muscles and increase circulation as well as deep tissue massage to release tension at the deeper level of the muscle. Most find it so relaxing that they even fall asleep at the spa during a session.


You can spend over $250 every month at a beauty salon on just nail treatments, with some demanding daily upkeep. There are various types of nail treatments available now at many beauty salons such as manicures and nail extensions, depending on how much time is spent per day maintaining them.

It is best to go for acrylics with manicures instead of gel because they offer more durability although gel does look good when freshly applied. You can pick from a variety of colours at your beauty salon to compliment your outfit or mood of the day.

Nail art

Nail art is a growing trend. Apart from manicures, you can now also decorate your nails by having them painted or applying nail stickers or gemstones onto them at home or by visiting a beauty salon. The decoration is not the only purpose of the service as they do come off easily but it is fun to experiment with new looks from time to time.


There are various types of hairstyling and hair care treatments available at many beauty salons and hair salons for different personal preferences which can be customised with different cuts, colours and styles. For example, some may prefer long straight hair styling while others like it short and curly. You can get creative with your hairstyle by asking your hairstylist at your beauty salon or hair salon for an up-do or adding accessories such as bobby pins, bows etc. Whether you need a wash and blow dry after having your hair dyed or simply want to get rid of split ends then go to a professional hair stylist at a hair salon or beauty salon who has experience in handling all types of hair textures and personal requests.


Professionals at beauty salons can create a look that will work best for you. There are makeup services provided by beauty salons that last all day long and some which only last for a few hours. It all depends on your personal beauty preference of how much time you wish to spend touching up the makeup throughout the day.


Beauty salons offer various waxing and hair removal services such as bikini, facial, eyebrow, legs etc. Most people are concerned about getting hair removal done on private areas so if you are a bit shy, do not worry because the professionals at beauty salons have experienced many uncomfortable situations before and know how to take care of you.

Skin care

If you want proper skin care then go to a beauty salon or exxpert who knows what beauty products and which beauty treatment will work best for each individual personal preference and type of skin so they can recommend alternatives if any product irritates your skin. You can get skin care treatments from a facial and microdermabrasion at beauty salons to improve the appearance of your skin.


Some beauty salons and spas offer spray tanning services that help you achieve a beautiful sun-kissed look without having to wait weeks for your next holiday at the beach. These beauty salons also serve as a beauty shop that gives you an option to purchase their own beauty products such as sunscreen and tanning oil so that you can maintain your look all year round. The best thing about spray tans is that they do not cause any damage to the skin unlike regular sunbathing and there are no harmful chemicals used in the process.

Bridal services

A beauty salon offers a variety of bridal services such as spray tans, nail services, waxing, makeup, extensions and anti-aging treatments etc to all women. Some beauty salons also offer hairstyling packages where the couple can get their hair done together or separately so that they look their best for the big day.

Wellness treatments

Most beauty salons have a wide range of wellness treatments to suit your personal preference and skin type. For example, there are oxygen facials are offered by beauty salons that work by infusing a high concentration of oxygen into the facial tissues along with various nutrients from vitamins A-E and minerals that leave your skin looking smooth, soft and hydrated after each session. You can also try an infrared sauna treatment that releases toxins deep within the skin by applying low-level heat to your body. This therapy, as offered by most beauty salons is ideal for those who have been drinking, smoking or eating too much junk food as it increases blood flow and metabolism of the skin's surface which can help you look years younger within a few weeks of regular use.

Is a beauty parlour business profitable?

If you are looking for a profitable business, the beauty salon industry is one of the most rewarding small businesses to get involved in. Even though there are many established businesses within this market such as hair salons, spas and resorts etc. it is easy enough to set up your very own beauty parlour with minimal investment and start working on making profits from day one after opening your doors to customers.

What else can you get done in a beauty salon?

Just like other beauty treatment businesses such as spas and salons, a beauty parlour or a beauty salon is where you can get your hair care done or your nail art painted. If that is not something that interests you then you can always offer additional services for your customers to choose from such as facials, waxing, massage therapy.

Can you start a beauty salon business from home?

Yes, you can start a beauty parlour or beauty salon business from home and earn profits while still enjoying the convenience of having your business close to home under one roof. A beauty parlour is easy enough to set up and will only cost you some starting capital and time before it starts earning you profits on a monthly basis. In NSW, nail treatments and salons operate under strict hygiene protocols, as outlined by the NSW Department of Health. Check to see if the regulations apply to your area.

What do I need to start a beauty salon at home?

First of all you will need a professional and certified team of beauty professionals with the knowledge of general beautification techniques. It is important to understand that the cosmetology licensing requirements vary for each state. Since these cosmetology licensing requirements vary so widely, it's best to learn about the guidelines of your particular state before starting. In terms of the set up, a small room with a sink is all you need to start your very own beauty salon. If you do not have access to such facilities then the next best thing will be to contact local builders or carpenters who can help you create an inexpensive but functional beauty salon within your home based on the space and location available for use. The next important thing that you'll need of course is the equipment that will enable you to provide all of your beauty treatments or related services for customers visiting your beauty salon. Such equipment includes items such as hair dryers, foot spas, massage tables for your beauty salons etc. Even though many of these can be purchased from a supplier within your city or town, others such as the massage table may have to be purchased from a local furniture maker who can help you get exactly what you need for the best price.