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Marco Constructions

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 4.5 km away

Maller John

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 4.6 km away

Trusstec Pty Ltd

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 4.8 km away

Universal Civil Contracting

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 6 km away

Kaseter Constructions

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 6.5 km away

Glendale Homes

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 6.9 km away

Builders Damak

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 8.2 km away

Troy Proctor Constructions

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 8.2 km away

Abbott Builders Pty Ltd (Qld)

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 8.5 km away

Roberts Family Homes Pty Ltd

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 8.5 km away

Perry Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 8.7 km away

Brett Morris Homes Pty Ltd

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 9.3 km away

McLachlan Homes

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 9.5 km away

Stroud Homes Brisbane North

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 10.6 km away

Coral Homes Pty Ltd

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 12.2 km away

J.T. Keysell Builders & Contractors

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 13.5 km away

Scotty's Concrete Pty Ltd

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 13.6 km away

AR & K Cathcart

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 14.1 km away

Cameron Builders

Servicing Burpengary, QLD | 14.6 km away

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Common questions about builders

Do I have to pick a build plan from the builders range?

This depends on your builder but many builders are willing to create custom plans, or can customise builder’s plans.

What type of insurance should my builder have?

Your builder should have construction insurance, when they are in charge of a site, and current liability insurance.

Can builders provide estimated construction costs?

Many builders can provide cost estimations to ensure the build is kept to your budget.

I’ve created my own build plans can I have a new builder use them?

Many builders will accept build only jobs however it is recommended to check with the builder before entering a contract.

I’m building my first home what can I expect?

You can expect that your builder will keep you informed throughout the construction process, and that your home adheres to all regulations.

How do I start the building process?

Start by calling a local builder and organising a consultation to go through your site, design, and requirements.

Does building on a sloping block cost more?

Yes, there are often extra costs involved in building on slopes due to the excavation, retaining of the land, and drainage systems.

Can my builder build an eco-friendly home?

Some builders may offer environmentally friendly or ‘green’ home designs, which are created with the environment in mind.

Do you need a specific licence for commercial building?

A licence is required however, most QBCC licence classes allow for both domestic and commercial work.

Is it better to build with a steel or timber frame?

Both have pros and cons however, timber frames are cheaper while steel frames are stay free of pests.

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