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The Back Dr Reviews (18)

Margaret Bell

2 years ago
I first visited the team at the Back Dr. after taking advantage of their offer on FB. From my first phone call nearly 3 months ago speaking with Ami and Sarah and my consults with DrLucy and Dr Grant and my massage therapist Aethon my back is the best it has been for years. I do my exercises they have set me regularly and I am sure that does make a difference. The whole team is very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is experiencing back problems
Margaret Bell - Shellharbour NSW

Chiropractic The Back Dr

3 years ago
I decided to go the the Back Dr Shellharbour because I wasn't feeling as vibrant and my energy levels were low. I needed to try another alternative. Lower back aches and mild stress were impacting on my life. Prior to the Back Dr I used naturopathy, massages and acupuncture. My results after a few treatments were no more stress, lower back as good as new and more mobility in my neck area. More energy and totally focused. Sleeping well and I'm experience 'well being' - Yay!!! I did not expect this to as quickly as it did. Especially the fabulous result after the second set of X-rays. I definitely had no concerns trying Chiropractic care. The moment I stepped into the Back Dr I felt it was a welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff. How efficiently it is operated. I love that there is also remedial Mmassage and other techniques on the premises to undertake. With the tests and X-rays there is no guesswork. Individually you know what areas you personally have to work on to keep improvin
Robyn Whiteford - Shellharbour

The Back Dr

4 years ago
My husband and I are travelling around Australia and prior to commencing this trip I had received chiropractic care in Western Australia for a back problem. I admit to not continuing my chiropractic treatment whilst travelling mainly because I felt reasonably well and also was reluctant to go to someone I didn't know to treat my back. We arrived in Illawarra some four weeks ago to stay with friends. Two weeks into our stay I woke up one morning and could not walk. The excruciating pain brought me to tears. Not knowing the area or where to go as I wanted somewhere close by I searched the net and found The Back Dr in Shellharbour. Reading the reviews it seemed evident to me that he ran a pretty reputable practice so I gave him a call and made an appointment for a consultation. After an indepth consultation and X-Ray's I had my first adjustment the following day. Immediately I felt a whole lot better and was able to walk without acute pain. I am continuing to have treatment and mass
Jackie hawke - Shellharbour

The Back Dr. Shellharbour

4 years ago
I feel significant improvement in my Yoga postures after a couple weeks of adjustment and 40-50% less tension on my lower back and my shoulder after one month of treatment. I would say that the results are over my initial expectation when I first came to the Chiropractor. All the people there are also lovely and helpful with the friendly smiles on their faces
Dao - Koonawarra


4 years ago
The back Dr has changed the way I look at my health and my life! All the staff are happy and welcoming at every appointment and Dr Bond always helps me feel 100% after walking out of his practice!
Karlee Lorenzetti - Albion park

The Back Dr

4 years ago
My posture has improved greatly since going to The Back Dr and the back pain has gone away. I have been going for over 2 years and the service is excellent and the staff friendly. I would recommend The Back Dr to everyone for this reason.
Danijela - Wollongong

The Back DR Shellharbour

4 years ago
The Back Dr Shellharbour has been helpful through out realignment of my back and all staff are very helpful.
Brad Carfray - Shellharbour


4 years ago
I first went to see the back Dr because my Mrs kept nagging me to do something about my sore back. I'm a truck driver who does long hours cramped in the same position. In just a few short weeks ive already noticed a significant difference. Would recommend Dr Bond, hands down.
Darren - Shellharbour

Back DRTchNh

4 years ago
DR BOND IS AMAZING! I first visited him to see if he could help my baby girl with reflux, he did, after one short visit, there was a MASSIVE improvement. After talking to him and the girls (they're extremely helpful) I found that maybe chiropractic could help me as well - and it has!!! Now my whole family has regular adjustments. I could not recommmend anyone more highly than the Back Dr Team
sonia - albion park


4 years ago
I used to get very bad migraines and I used to go to the medical centre asking for the strongest painkiller. It didn't work because the migraines kept coming back and even more often. My doctor recommended to try chiropractic sessions so I went to The Back Dr. and he discovered that the curve of my neck wasn't in the right position so all the muscles around the cervical area were contracted and that was the reason of my migraines. I didn't know how a bad posture can affect your entire life! After a month of getting adjustments two times a week my migraines were less intense and after three months I didn't have any migraines at all. My life completely changed and today I keep getting adjustment one or twice a month just for maintenance. I don't have to stay three days in bed in a dark room twice a month anymore. It was really painful and I couldn't do anything. Dr Bond is an amazing professional and he really care about you and your condition. He always explains what is going to d
Carolina - Shellharbour


4 years ago
I have been with The Back Dr for over a year now. I love the atmosphere and the family values it upholds. Would definitely recommend it to as many people as I can.
Lee S - Wollongon

Chiropractors, Massage.

4 years ago
The team at The Back Dr are Fabulous! In less than one month I no longer require daily anti inflammatory and paracetamol medications to perform simple daily tasks.
Jaki - Shellharbour

Highly recommend the Back Dr

4 years ago
I highly recommend the Back Dr. I have been suffering for a number of years with lower back pain that was really impacting my life. After only a few visits and adjustments the results are amazing and I feel so much better. The whole Back Dr experience is very professional with a great team and I especially liked the thorough examination and education provided as part of the initial assessment.
Dean Kleinschafer - Flinders

The Back Dr Shellharbour

4 years ago
I came to The Back Dr because I had problems with my back and my posture which were causing me a lot of pain. Before The Back Dr I had been using heat patches and pain killers which provided a little relief but didn't solve the main issues surrounding my back pain. After going to The Back Dr for a little over a year my posture has improved and the pain has also gone. The things I enjoy the most about going to The Back Dr are the friendly staff and the professional service. I would recommend The Back Dr to anyone who has a bad back simply because the back adjustments have worked for me and they have helped me to keep doing the everyday activities I do without the pain. I travel from Wollongong for my back adjustments because The Back Dr is the only one I trust with my back.
Danijela - Wollongong


4 years ago
I was amazed at how much Dr Grant Bond could tell me about the spine and how bad my spine and hips were actually out. After having my 2nd visit and seminar on the spine and subluxation and reviewing my report I signed up with my wife and we are having our children assessed too. I am looking forward to better health for myself and my family and a long relationship with The Back Dr and staff.....thanks Jayson Robinson
Jayson Robinson - mount warrigal

The Back Dr Review

4 years ago
The reason I came to The Back Dr was, I had a sore neck and I was having spasms in my lower back. My neck was impacting my life by making it difficult to drive as I couldn't turn my neck properly, even conversations were difficult as I had to turn my whole body to look at the person I was talking to. I would have back spasms almost daily, sometimes more than once a day. Prior to attending The Back Dr, I had visited my local Dr about my problems. I had be given anti inflammatory and exercises. Neither had a lasting effect. After attending The Back Dr I have notice that I have more movement in my neck and my back spasms have almost completely gone! Something I never expected was since going to The Back Dr regularly, I have hardly had a cold. I may start to get a cold and a couple of days later, it's gone! I was a little apprehensive about going to a chiropractor as I'd never heard anyone talk about going to one. I'd only ever heard people saying they'd been to physio, so I didn't
Debbie Bachelor - Shellharbour

Awesome Chiro

4 years ago
We were after a local "fantastic" chiro in the Shellharbour area and a friend recommended we see Dr Bond. My family of 4 all attend and the assistance we have received has been fantastic. Grant fixed our 3 year olds restless nights and provides nothing but great results for our family. It is flexible and easy to attend around our busy lives and you are always greeted with a smile from the team. The team now has us for life!
Jodie Pyke - Shellharbour

I cannot recommend Grant Bond at The Back Dr highly enough

4 years ago
I cannot recommend Grant Bond and the girls at The Back Dr highly enough. I first went to see Grant when I was 5 months pregnant and experiencing constant hip pain. I was looking for safe, drug-free pain relief and after a lot of research, decided to give The Back Dr a go. The results were instant. After my very first adjustment, I was able to sleep without pain in my hip. I continued to see Grant throughout my pregnancy and found I always felt and slept better after an adjustment and was very comforted in knowing that it was natural, safe and drug free help with no negative side effects for my pregnancy. Since having my son, Grant has been able to help me to get back to my pre-pregnancy condition very quickly and we are now working on improving that. Both my husband and my son have also benefitted from his care. All the staff there are fantastic and make you feel like part of the family. Don't hesitate. Give it a go and you'll be glad you did.
Steph - Shellharbour


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