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  • Concrete Pools
  • Landscaping
  • Solar Heating
  • Water Features
  • Glass Pool Fencing
  • Excavation
  • Decking
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Pool Pump
  • Chlorinator


  • Pool Builders
  • Regular Pool Cleaning
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Chemical Supply
  • Equipment Supply
  • Holiday Pool Cleaning
  • Commercial Pool Cleaning
  • Spa Pools
  • Custom Build Pools
  • Plunge Pool
  • Infinity Pools
  • Resort Pools

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  • QBCC: 15022583
  • ABN 69 862 152 978

About Cozy Pools

Cozy Pools are leading experts in pool maintenance, pool cleaning, and pool equipment solutions on the Gold Coast. We are

Cozy Pools are leading experts in pool maintenance, pool cleaning, and pool equipment solutions on the Gold Coast. We are 100% Australian owned and operated which means that all of our pool technicians are trained and qualified to comply with Australian Standards. We cater for all pool care needs for commercial properties, hotels, resorts, tenants, home owners, and holiday rental properties.

Whether you are looking for a regular pool cleaning service, once-off pool cleaning service, or you have a green pool that needs sorting, we can provide help to ensure your swimming pool is crystal clear and in good health condition to swim in all year round. As part of our service our qualified and experienced pool technicians test the water quality, ph levels, vacuum your pool, skim any leaves off the surface, vacuum your pool and top up any chemicals as required. This will ensure your pool is in optimal health for all year enjoyment.

Cosy Pools also offer a wider range of swimming pool and spa equipment solutions to Gold Coast residents. Whether you require a sand filter, pool pump, solar pool heating, chlorinator or pool vacuum, we will provide you with attractive affordable solutions so a hole isn't burnt in your pocket. We also provide honest repair services to any pool equipment that might be faulty to bring it back to full efficient function. As part of our pool care service we guarantee to check over all of your pool equipment to make sure it is all in working order and running as it should to maintain efficiency and reduce running costs associated with having a pool.

Our pool technicians are also readily available to show you the ropes of balancing your chemicals and applying them to your swimming pool correctly to maintain pool health.

Why wait? For as little as $1 a day Cozy Pools Gold Coast can have your pool looking great all year round.

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