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The TOP 10 BEST Towing Services in Undoolya NT

Top Undoolya NT 0874 Towing Services

Need an affordable towing service open now? These 20 results near you are waiting for your call. Here are our top Undoolya Towing Services with reviews & ratings.

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

Locally Owned

Heavy Transport



Territory Towing & Transport image

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

Caravan transport


Accident towing

Machinery moves

Red Central Towing & Recovery image

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

Towing Services

Onsite Trailer Repairs

24/7 Emergency Services

Up To A 12-Tonne Payload

AHT Towing image


Servicing Undoolya

Towing & transport services

Heavy transport services

Oversized load transport

Cargo & freight transport services

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

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Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

Roadside assistance

24-hour roadside assistance

Vehicle recovery & storage

Towing for vehicles, equipment’s & demountable for any size

5 (5)


Servicing Undoolya

5 (1)


Servicing Undoolya

Best Towing Services Near Me

5 (1)


Servicing Undoolya

5 (1)


Servicing Undoolya

5 (1)


Servicing Undoolya

5 (1)

Servicing Undoolya


Servicing Undoolya

3.6 (5)


Servicing Undoolya

Servicing Undoolya

Open 24 Hrs

Servicing Undoolya

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4.7 (12)


Servicing Undoolya


Servicing Undoolya

Featured Reviews of the Best Towing Services in Undoolya

4.7 Average Rating based on 44 reviews from 20 Towing Services near Undoolya

I urge anyone in need of towing services to give the guys at Jett Towing a call. Not only are they professional, reliable, and honest, they are competitively priced and actually care. They offer their knowledge of the local area to help assist you in every way. Thanks Peter for going above and beyond in the recovery of our truck and for turning a highly stressful situation into an absolute breeze. Cannot recommend you guys highly enough. Thank you so very much!

Michelle P left a review for

Jett Towing

My nineteen-year-old RAV 4 looks as good as new and runs that way too, after its recent service. I couldn't be more happy. Rose

Rose Coppock left a review for

A-One Mechanics

Big shout out 2 your crew getting our prado and us back into Alice Springs the creepy pair at three ways Roadhouse were no help at all they should not be AANT as once they knew we had no intentions staying there till next week till they got us up and running they werent prepared to tow us back to Alice mammoth effort from OVR who drove the 12 hour round trip so we werent left stranded even though they had already worked a long day cant thank y’all enough u went over n above from start 2 finish 2 ensure we had the best chance of getting it repaired today good news thanks to Y’all we up and running and will make our work commitments in the Gibson Desert WA

Kerry left a review for

Outback Vehicle Recovery

Larry left a review for

ASMR Contracting

I would give 6 stars if I could. Amazing service, friendly and helpful staff and very easy to get communicate with. Cheers guys!

Brett left a review for

Aaffordable Towing & Forklift Service

The nearest roadhouse to the NT/SA border. Good service

Graeme left a review for

Kulgera Roadhouse

its a outstanding servicing company.

Nazmul huda left a review for

Transport Maintenance & Engineering

I'm changing my car over to a NT registration and Jacal were able to do a compliance check on relatively short notice and quick turnaround. Thankyou!

Chris left a review for

Jacal Automotive & Towing

Prompt service. Professional people. Would 100% recommend.

Kris left a review for

AHT Towing

Jenna at the Birdsville roadhouse is the first person we met in Birdsville and she gave us such a huge friendly welcome and all we did was walk in. Everyday we got extra cold drinks, great iced coffee, fresh groceries and most importantly directions to the best part of the billabong, where to go on little and big red, the roadhouse is so much more than a fuel stop. Travelling with friends we were in Birdsville for Australia day. Summer in the outback, best done with friends, power for aircon, and townsfolk like Jenna and rsnger Don.

Carol Cole left a review for

Birdsville Roadhouse

Great company to deal with,they went above and beyond in repairing our car a great company to deal with.

Steve Cox left a review for

Territory Wrecking Repairs

We were taken to Outback Mechanical on the back of a tow truck on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Within an hour young Jono has us back on the road !!!! Outback Mechanical are the BEST option if you have car troubles in/around Alice Springs. Thanks Jono !!!

Dean left a review for

Outback Mechanical NT

They need 6 stars not 5! We could not have asked for more from Michael and Rhianna at Red Central Towing. They looked after us from the minute I rang them. Rhianna was sympathetic to our stressful situation and calmly talked us through the process. Michael is amazing at his job. Look no further than these guys when you need to be towed. Total professionals in what they do and are the nicest people to deal with. Awesome price too!

Lisa Stout left a review for

Red Central Towing & Recovery

I trust Stanes Transport for all of my remote area deliveries. I've been dealing with them now for years, and have never had an issue. They have a well maintained reliable fleet, ready to go at a moments notice. There's really nothing they can't handle, and they'll go where the others can only dream of travelling.

Morton left a review for

Stanes Transport NT

10/10 service! In what should have been stressful time was made easy and prompt with these guys. Went out of their way to drive us to find a hire car and help with keeping our vehicle safe in their yard while organising transport to get it home from NT to Vic. Couldn't rate them enough. Thanks Olivia and Jason for the most friendly and professional service in Alice.

Romi a left a review for

Territory Towing & Transport

Frequently Asked Questions For Finding Towing Services Near Undoolya

Is my vehicle fully insured while being towed?

When entrusting your vehicle to a towing service in the Undoolya area, it’s crucial to ensure it is protected throughout the towing process. Reputable towing services typically offer full insurance coverage for your vehicle while in their care. This insurance is designed to cover any damage that may occur during transport, providing you with peace of mind. However, it’s important to verify the extent of this insurance coverage directly with the towing service. Understanding the specifics of what their insurance covers allows you to be fully informed about the protection of your vehicle from start to finish.

Can towing services transport my car to a mechanical workshop if it has been in an accident?

Yes, if your car has been involved in an accident in the Undoolya area, towing services can transport it directly to a mechanical workshop of your choosing. This process typically involves:

  1. Communicating Your Needs: Let the towing service know your preferred mechanical workshop and any specific requirements or arrangements you’ve made with them.
  2. Coordination: The towing service may coordinate directly with the workshop to ensure a smooth handover of your vehicle.
  3. Transportation: Your vehicle will be safely towed to the workshop, where it can receive the necessary repairs or assessments.

This service is particularly valuable in minimising the hassle involved in getting your vehicle the professional attention it needs after an accident.

What types of vehicles can be towed by towing services?

  1. Cars & Light Vehicles: Most towing services are equipped to handle everyday passenger vehicles, such as sedans, hatchbacks and S.U.V.s.
  2. Motorcycles: specialised equipment is used to safely tow motorcycles, ensuring they are transported without damage.
  3. Heavy Haulage Trucks: For larger vehicles, like heavy haulage trucks, towing services use heavy-duty tow trucks designed to manage their size and weight.
  4. Unique or Specialty Vehicles: Always check if the towing service can accommodate unique or specialty vehicles, such as vintage cars or vehicles with specific requirements.

When seeking towing services, it’s essential to communicate the type of vehicle you have to ensure the service is equipped to meet your needs.

Are towing services available for roadside assistance in case of an accident?

Indeed, many towing services extend their support to include roadside assistance for vehicles involved in accidents within the Undoolya region. This comprehensive approach ensures that if you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, the towing service will not only safely tow your vehicle but also assist in coordinating with your insurance company. This collaboration aims to streamline the process, handling the necessary paperwork for insurance claims and ensuring that your vehicle is taken care of properly. It’s a relief to know that during such stressful times, these services are designed to provide a seamless, supportive experience, helping to alleviate some of the burdens you might face.

How do I find a reliable tow truck service near me?

To find a reliable tow truck service near Undoolya, focusing on detailed research and using resources like Localsearch can guide you in making an informed decision. Here’s how to approach this:

  • Utilise Localsearch Reviews: Begin by exploring towing services listed on Localsearch, paying special attention to customer reviews and ratings. These insights are invaluable for understanding the experiences of others and gauging the reliability and customer satisfaction level of the service.
  • Check Certifications & Licenses: Ensure the towing company you’re interested in is certified and licensed to operate in your area. This is crucial for both their legitimacy and your peace of mind.
  • Experience & Range of Services: Investigate the company’s history and the breadth of services they offer. This information can help you assess whether they’re capable of meeting your specific towing needs.
  • Payment Methods & Insurance: Confirm the types of payment they accept (e.g., credit cards, cash) and verify whether they provide insurance coverage for your vehicle during transport.

By taking these steps and utilising Localsearch to gather and compare information, you can confidently identify a tow truck service in the Undoolya area that meets your needs for reliability and professionalism.

How is the cost of towing services determined?

Several factors influence the cost of towing services, ensuring that you receive a fair and accurate quote based on your specific situation:

  • Type of Vehicle: The size and weight of your vehicle can affect the price, as larger vehicles may require specialised towing equipment.
  • Distance: The farther the tow, the higher the cost due to the increased time and fuel required.
  • Equipment Required: Special circumstances or vehicle types may necessitate additional equipment, which can influence the overall cost.
  • Time of Day: Towing services during nights, weekends, or holidays may incur additional charges due to the out-of-hours service.

Understanding these factors can help you anticipate the cost of towing services, allowing for a more informed decision when choosing a provider in the Undoolya area.

Can I pay for towing services with a credit card, or must I pay in cash?

Towing services in the Undoolya area typically offer flexible payment options to cater to the varying needs of their clients:

  • Credit Card Payments: Most towing services accept major credit cards, providing a convenient and secure way to pay for services rendered.
  • Cash Payments: For those who prefer or require it, cash payments are also commonly accepted.
  • Alternative Payment Methods: Some services may offer additional payment options, including mobile payments or invoices for businesses.

It’s always a good idea to confirm the accepted payment methods with the towing service before and to ensure a smooth transaction.


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