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Auto Electricians
in Cardiff, NSW

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2U Auto Electrical

Cardiff NSW 2285

King Auto Electrics

4/324 Main Rd Cardiff NSW 2285
0.2 km away

Mullen Automotive Engineering

24 Newcastle St Cardiff NSW 2285
0.9 km away

Rob Gemmell Automotive

2/3–44 Munibung Rd Cardiff NSW 2285
1.4 km away
1 Review
1 Review

WFT Auto Net

3/11 Aruma Pl Cardiff NSW 2285
1.9 km away

PD Mechanical

8 Aminya Pl Cardiff NSW 2285
2.1 km away

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to jump-start my car and not damage the electrics?

It is possible, however newer cars have complex computer systems that can be quite tricky. If your battery isn’t flat, call a mechanic to be sure.

When I start my car, there is a clicking sound, what is this?

This noise is often the result of a dirty or corroded battery terminal.

How do I know if I need a new starter motor?

If you battery is in good condition but your car is still having trouble turning over, you could be in the market for a new starter motor.

Can you top up your water level in your battery with tap water?

Always top-up your battery with distilled or demineralised water. Tap water can cause mineral build-up, so it’s best to avoid.