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Tell us about your first hand experience, what you liked or not liked so much about the business’s products and services.

Be Constructive

Although your experience may not have been the best, often a business will rely on all feedback, positive or negative. This gives a business insight into what they currently provide, be it exceptional or certain elements that require improvement within the business.

Owners who are clients of Localsearch will have the opportunity to respond to your review with possible options to rectify any concerns that may have been raised.


The Localsearch review system is a public platform available to all consumers so they are better informed about products and services.

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Review Team

Users have the ability to ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ with a review that has been published as well as the ability to share reviews through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Applicable Content

Your review should be relevant to the business experience and not a personal view on individuals within the business.

Content that includes a link to or mentions another business for a similar service or product (referral) will be deemed not relevant to the business being reviewed and therefore will not be accepted.

  • Elements of the review deemed inappropriate may result in the whole review not being published. In these cases Localsearch will notify you via email allowing the opportunity to edit and submit again. However if on second submission the review is still not suitable to be published, no further notification will be sent.
  • If a review has been flagged and subsequently removed, that decision will be final and there will be no further correspondence from Localsearch as to how the reviewer can edit and resubmit their review.
  • Localsearch will not accept calls or emails regarding reviews that have been rejected or disabled. Any enquiries relating to the removal or non-publishing of reviews can only be submitted through the Localsearch website.

Why Your Review Has Not Been Published

There are policies/guidelines in place for publishing reviews on the Localsearch website.
Below are some of the reasons why your review may have been deemed inappropriate and therefore not published.

Inappropriate Content – includes but is not limited to:

  • Offensive, abusive, threatening, derogatory, racial or sexually explicit language
  • Reviews that refer to any individual under the age of 18 years
  • Individual disputes that do not refer to relevant experiences
  • Inclusion of private details of the reviewed business that have not been authorised for publication for example, personal phone numbers, emails and addresses
  • Reviews that have been copied from an opposing business’s/competitor’s website
  • Reviews that have been written by the owner, family or friends
  • Reference to matters that are currently before the court or may evoke legal action or proceedings
  • Reviews used to contact the business for a product or service – Please use the Request a Quote/Booking function enabled or the contact details that have been provided by the business
  • Reviews that contain accusations and opinions - not factual
  • False reviews
  • Duplicated content from a previous review