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About Carrington

Carrington is a suburb named after the former governor of New South Wales, Lord Carrington. In 1804, during the settlement, Carrington was used as a source of natural resources for the Aboriginals, as they gathered mud crabs, oysters and did fishing in the area. Originally, the site of Carrington was only visible during the low tide, but ships that dumped their ballast built the island until it grew out of the mud. Carrington became a residential area in the 1860s when people looked to settle in an area away from the city. With the increase in population, Carrington eventually became a Municipality in 1887.
Today, Carrington is a combination of commercial, industrial and residential areas, and the suburb is located far from other suburbs in the area. Carrington consists of expensive residences because of its close proximity to the Central Business District and the harbour.

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