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Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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A J Lewis Tiling
Do not hire this tiler
a year ago
If you're looking for a respectful professional tiler DO NOT hire this tiler. N.B At the time of hiring this tiler, I was 38 weeks pregnant and the job was in our second bathroom in our home, not a construction site. His lack of respect for this being our home, a baby nursery next door to the bathroom he worked on and his absolute lack of professional acumen or quality has driven me to write this scathing review in the hope to warn others so they do not have to suffer the same horrendous services and experience. First day on the job he arrived, threw down his Maccas breakfast bag on the dining table and disappears down to our spare toilet—20 mins later appears having done a huge number two which smelt out the whole house and left remnants in the toilet. Now as a mother and a normal human I understand the need to go, and didn't see it as an issue until coming home every day to find the same thing had happened and no attempt to clean up after himself was made. (Read—skiddies and pee all over the toilet!!) As the baby was due any minute her nursery was ready for her arrival. I arrived home after the first day of his tiling to find the baby room and the entire upstairs of my home absolutely covered in tile dust. When I asked if he was cutting the tiles upstairs he said yes and I asked him to refrain from doing this yet he continued every day to cut tiles in the house including the baby room!! Heavily pregnant, full time working to come home every night to wash walls, vaccum mop and wash and windex tile dust (which is the most horrid dust to clean as it keeps reappearing) was the most frustrating end to my pregnancy as I wanted to just relax! He went through my son's toy room for coloring textas and used 4 of them for marking and ruined them in the process. Left a massive pile of rubbish in garage which included his mouldy rotten food from lunches during the week. I then found maggots in this pile from his food scraps also. Again, this is our home not a construction site. Took bath towel from my laundry on the clothes airer which I had washed the morning prior and was drying. He used as a mop in a bucket drenched in tile cleaner as a mop for the floor of newly tiled area—the towel (which we use for our bodies for showering) was filled with dust then left sopping wet in laundry trough to sit and stink covered in dust and tile cleaner product. In the most uncomfortable of ways, asked for more payment every day with my husband‚ claiming money troubles and instead of what we initially agreed to (deposit and remaining on completion) hounded my husband from day one before work was completed for more money. Claimed "miscalculations" on tile amounts needed so called us to then go back for two runs to tile shops. He was working in the upstairs of our home yet left the garage door up all day and claimed someone must have been coming to steal them—he was stunned when I snapped at him telling him to have the garage door down, reminding him again this was our home. Also as I'm married to a nerd we have an abundance of expensive tech equipment yet tiler claimed someone was taking boxes of a very run of the mill white wall tile? I don't think so! On one return run from the tile shop, me being 38 weeks pregnant I pulled up to the home and noted he was inside watching me pull up in the driveway. I pointed to the boot yet he watched me carry all the boxes of tiles and grout into the house without so much of an offer to help - 25kg grout bag and 5 boxes of tiles. Now tiling is completed, and water is allowed in the room, the evidence of his lack of quality or professionalism is showing. His floor tile bed has not been angled to the drain, instead water goes no where near drain instead excess water now drains out the door of the bathroom!! *Tiles not cut to size for power points or fittings and fixtures *Holes in grout work *Grout missing throughout *Tiles cut for fittings and fixtures too large for needed even though fittings were present to show him size to be cut. *Went into our garage, found a box of our receipts for the business, tipped them out and proceeded to use the box for mortar grout and water for his tools - box ruined *Went into my kitchen, took one of my steak knifes and used for tile glue - left tile glue on knife to dry and knife is ruined *Cut himself and left blood all over the walls - didn't clean this up *Stole extension leads *Dinged vaccum cleaner We have now had to double pay for timing work for a true professional to fix what this tiler has half heartedly done. To say I'm furious and disappointed is an understatement. If you are considering hiring this tiler DO NOT.
Emma - Brisbane

About Paradise Point

A suburb in the Gold Coast City area in Queensland, Paradise Point is located approximately 16 kilometres north of Surfers Paradise. The suburb is surrounded by many bodies of water, sitting next to The Broadwater on one side and the Coomera River on the other. With access to these two major waterways, there are several marinas and boat ramps built in the area, as well as parklands and picnic areas for casual waterfront activities.
Paradise Point is protected by South Stradbroke, which is situated off the coast. The area is home to Paradise Point Parklands, a beautiful grassed area that plays host to weekly tai chi classes, monthly art and craft markets and playground and barbecue facilities. Paradise Point is also home to a community sailing club.

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