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Mount Ossa is a small town within the local government area of the Mackay Region in North Queensland. It has access to many of the attractions in the Mackay Region, whic was formed in 2008 when the City of Mackay, Shire of Mirani and Shire of Sarina merged into one. The Mackay Marina Village, a famous holiday destination in the Mackay region, is a world-class commercial district that has a tropical ambience with palm trees lining the esplanade. It is the home of the Clarion Hotel Mackay Marina, a luxury four-and-a-half-star hotel with 79 suites, a walk-in wine cellar, a bar and a restaurant. The marina is also home to the Pine Islet Lighthouse, one of the last kerosene lighthouses in the world, and is located near the Harbour Beach.

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