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A rural locality under the local government area of Gold Coast City in Queensland, Norwell is situated 36.5 kilometres north of Gold Coast, 5 kilometres northeast of Pimpama, 6.5 kilometres south of Woongoolba and 51.6 kilometres south of the state capital of Brisbane. The town is flanked by the suburbs of Pimpama to the south, Gilberton and Woongoolba to the north, Ormeau to the west and Jacobs Well to the east. Norwell was named after a sugar plantation in the 1870s that had the same name and was owned by William Pidd. During the late 1800s, the area where Norwell and the present-day localities of Jacobs Well, Stieglitz and Woongoolba stand was a farming district called Pimpama Island. The area, located between the Logan River and Pi...

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