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Barmaryee is one of the major suburbs near central Yeppoon along with Pacific Heights, Hidden Valley, Lammermoor and Cooee Bay. These suburbs are all part of the Shire of Livingstone. Barmaryee is located on the west side of Yeppoon. In 1886, the Yeppoon Jockey Club built its racecourse in Barmaryee. Today, Barmaryee is mostly a residential suburb. Because of the laid-back atmosphere and rural lands, Barmaryee also has several retirement villages. Barmaryee also has a number of souvenir and gift shops.
Barmaryee is near attractions including the Paint Pot Gallery and Australiana Charters. It is also near Wreck Point Lookout where visitors can stop and see the magnificent views down below and get some fresh air. There is also a nice...

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