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  • Clinical Counselling Member: MIECAT & PACFA
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About Yoga Works–Judith Grieve

YOGA WORKS Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life.... Yoga for everyday life.

Yoga Classes for the over 50s and younger.

You are

YOGA WORKS Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life.... Yoga for everyday life.

Yoga Classes for the over 50s and younger.

You are warmly invited to come and share a yoga practice.
Yoga Sessions: 70-75 mins. Bliss: 2 hours. Mindfulness Program: 2 hours
Please be in touch before your first session.

* Monday 10.15am Gentle Hatha Yoga - Basics & Beyond
* Monday 5.45pm Vinyasa - Evening Flow

* Tuesday 7.00am Hatha Yoga Basics - 5 wk Intro (ongoing)
* Tuesday 4.00pm Vinyasa - Slow Flow
* Tuesday 5.30pm Mindful Living: 8wk program (Starting 16th July, 3 Sept)

* Wednesday 5.45pm Restorative Yoga & Pranayama (Breath practices)

* Thursday 7.00am Vinyasa Yoga Basics - 5wk Intro (ongoing)
* Thursday 4.00pm Hatha Yoga - Long Slow Deep

* Friday 10.15am Gentle Vinyasa Yoga: Basics & Beyond
* Fri 3rd/mth 5.45pm Bliss: Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, chai & bliss balls.

* Saturday 8.00am Vinyasa - Go with the Flow (Outdoors)
(Spring 7.30am)

Weekly: 5 session pass $95 ; 10 session pass $175 ; Casual $20
Bliss: 5.45pm 3rd Friday / month (2hrs) $40
Specials: Saturday Casual $18; 4 week pass $120

Yoga mat, towel and water. In Winter - warmer clothes and socks.

Indoor: Benson Ave, Mt Pleasant
Outdoors: Covered deck, river end of Nelson St, behind Blue Water Lagoon facility.

In all classes you are guided to practice with care and respect for your body, avoiding force, pacing yourself. All classes include a combination of:

* Yoga Asanas / Postures - for the body's strength and flexibility, posture and poise, grounding and grace.
* Pranayama / Breath Practices - for calming the mind and emotions
* Mindfulness Meditation - for cultivating deeper insight, wisdom and compassion
* Yoga Nidra / Relaxation - deep rest for the body
* Yoga for Daily Life - a dash of philosophy exploring the heart of meaningful living
* Health Care - self care wellness tips

AM Retreats: 1st Sunday / Month 7am - 11am
Fee: $85 (incl shared vegan breakfast)

Day Retreats: Winter: 3 June; Spring: 1 September; Summer: 1 December.
Fee: $165 (incl shared vegan breakfast and lunch)

Bring: Yoga mat, towel, water, journal
Location: Benson Ave, Mt Pleasant.

I love to assist others to enjoy inhabiting the body, moving consciously, deepening aliveness, fostering a healthy lifestyle and state of mind in support of mindfulness in every day life as we journey through this extraordinary thing called life, becoming who we are inspired to be.

I encourage a practice that is respectful of your ability and changing needs at all times and restorative for your body, heart and mind ... you may like to explore a stronger practice when you are feeling energised and a gentler practice at other times.


A path to emotional resilience.

Our emotional resilience as human beings can be sorely challenged depending on the nature and number of stressors we are dealing with at any given time. If you find yourself at times feeling somewhat challenged you may experience unease, restlessness, even a range of emotions, perhaps you are struggling with strong emotions now. You may find it difficult to navigate how you are feeling at such times with the skills you have. Some help to further your inner life skills to cultivate emotional resilience may be beneficial.

The program supports and guides participants to learn fundamental clear steps in the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness guides us to deepen awareness ... recognising what is happening in our inner world - body, heart and mind ... cultivating a kind and compassionate presence with our experience ...

With patience and persistence, as we deepen into this quality of presence we are resourced with the strength and courage to meet life's difficulties, be with strong emotions, challenging body sensations and we notice how our mind is perceiving, thinking in ways that are both helpful and unhelpful. With this awareness we have access to choosing how we respond to the life of the moment as we experience it.

Mindful of our experience in this way, with practice we are increasingly able to remain calm and less identified with perceptions, opinions, expectations, thoughts and emotions. We are also able to choose, to be less identified with unhelpful patterns of thinking, emotion and responding, and we are freer to perceive, feel and respond to ourselves, to life, with greater wisdom, compassion and creativity.

Regular practice helps us to wake up from automaticity, reactivity and unconsciousness often driven by fears and insecurities. It is an effective way to get in touch with our own wisdom and vitality for life, access more of the possibilities within and direct our lives in all ways. It helps enable us to cultivate relationship with ourself, our life, with others and the richness of each moment we are alive.

A comprehensive program in Mindfulness, the guiding hilosopy of mindful mediation practices and living mindfully. Each session focuses on different themes. There's opportunity for personal reflection and group discussion on integrating mindfulness into everyday life.

When: 5.30 - 7.30pm Tuesdays
Dates: 8 weeks commencing 16 July; 3 September


When: 2 - 4pm Saturdays
Dates: 8 weeks commencing 13 July; 5 October

8 weekly sessions including manual and small group mentoring $350.
Payment: Deposit of $150 reserves a place for you. Balance payable first session.
Payment Options for low income earners.

Benson Ave, Mt Pleasant, Mackay

WORKPLACE: Programs to suit your needs.
Introduction to Mindfulness.
4, 6 & 8 week programs available.

You will find further details on the website:

You Can Also Find Yoga Works–Judith Grieve Here