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90 Michigan DrvOxenford QLD 4210
Botanic Gardens258 Ashmore RdBenowa QLD 4217


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About Yang Tsin Su Academy

Internationally recognised expert in Womans Self Defence to teach Gold Coast Woman that their most effective strategies are very different

Internationally recognised expert in Womans Self Defence to teach Gold Coast Woman that their most effective strategies are very different strategies than men’s. Iris Lee an internationally recognised expert in self Defence will soon be holding woman’s self-defence courses in the Gold Coast. From eight years of age Iris trained at least 4 hours a day, by age 16 she was the youngest Jiu-Jitsu black belt in Germany, and by 18 she was the youngest in Europe to earn a second black belt. Following this Iris went on to earn her third and fourth black belts in two year intervals.

When Iris talks about self-defence for Woman people listen, she was head of Woman’s Self-defence in England, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria & Germany, and also instructed advanced self-defence to the German and Swiss Police. After starting her training in New Zealand in 1998, Iris now teaches with the school of Yang Tsin Su, under Sifu Lonnian Lee. Yang Tsin Su uses the best of all self defence systems, and fits her philosophy of ‘use what works’.
Iris believes self-defence is far more than learning how to fight, the greatest skill she teaches is how to avoid these situations in the first place. Most martial arts are designed for men, if a woman tries to fight like a man she will most likely loose. The secret to effectively defending yourself and surviving an attack is reliance upon leverage, technique, timing, speed, skill and strategy.

Self-defence on land is survival on land, like swimming is survival in water. Violence against woman is one of the most widespread abuses of human rights, every day thousands of girls and women are abused and killed inside and outside of their own bedrooms. Learning how to physically defend yourself has become a necessity in today’s modern society.
Every woman should be able to recognise dangerous situations and surroundings, and be more able to avoid, or get out of these situations by; applying effective self-defence and street fighting techniques, gaining a confident and empowering state of mind, and not looking like a like a good target for attackers.
Classes are broken into three parts, the first being fitness and strength, the second being technique with realistic scenarios, and lastly prevention awareness and theory.

Classes will be held in Helensvale on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with more locations coming soon. Spaces will fill fast, so register your interest in the course by visiting http://www.ytsacademy.com/contact.htm or call us.