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  • Pipe Relining, DN100-DN1500
  • CCTV Pipeline Condition Assessment
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Robotics
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Lateral Connection Sealing
  • Manhole Construction
  • Sewer & Water Construction
  • Drainage


  • Pipe Relining
  • - Inversion Pipe Relining
  • - UV Pipe Relining
  • - Point Lining/Sealing
  • - Lateral Connection Sealing
  • Network Maintenance
  • - Pipeline Cleaning
  • - CCTV Pipeline Condition Assessment
  • - Robotic Technology
  • - Robotic Cutting
  • - Manhole Repairs
  • - Manhole Coatings
  • Pipeline Construction
  • - Sewer Main Construction
  • - Water Main Construction
  • - Manhole Construction
  • - Maintenance Chamber Construction


Licence NWPNETO16 Inspect Sewer and Storm Water
Hunter Water Developer Works Accredited
Plumbers & Drainers Licence 263734C

Payment Methods


About Wilmot Pipelining

The innovation and growth of Trenchless Technology as an alternative solution opposed to traditional pipeline upgrades became a passion for the owner and founder of Wilmot Pipelining in 2003 when the possibilities in new innovation and techniques became available in the relatively early days of Trenchless in Australia. Wilmot Pipelining quickly established itself as being one of the leaders in pipeline rehabilitation of large scale pipelines in difficult situations and made a name lining large assets with pipelines sizes of 1200mm & 1500mm rehabilitated via the original point lining method 1 meter at a time.

Today Wilmot Pipelining rehabilitates pipelines of all sizes and shapes with long distance liners installed in one day to keep the municipal asset owners infrastructure upgraded and back up and running with minimal disturbance to the public.

Wilmot Pipelining transforms ageing pipelines and infrastructure using experience and expertise transforming failing pipelines and assets using NO-DIG Trenchless Pipe Relining Technology. We provide many different rehabilitation ranges to our clients and pride ourselves on a pipeline rehabilitation solution for any situation. Most of our infrastructure upgrades are carried out on Municipal assets such as water, energy providers, waste water, industrial facilities and refineries.

With a strong background in pipeline construction and hydraulic services the management team at Wilmot Pipelining have a good understanding of the way pipelines are constructed. This understanding combined with the Trenchless approach to pipeline rehabilitation makes Wilmot Pipelining the complete pipeline and infrastructure rehabilitation company.