WHS Made Easy

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Where is WHS Made Easy

Nambour QLD 4560


  • WHS consulting services include but not limited to:
  • Incident Investigation
  • Implementation on Safety Systems
  • Provision of expert knowledge and advice
  • Development of Induction Programs
  • Fire Evacuation Plan Development
  • Development of Workplace Health and Safety Policy & Procedures
  • Ergonomic Assessment of Workstations and Tasks
  • Rehabilitation Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Lead Audit of safety management systems to AS/NZ 4801
  • Conduct WHS Audits
  • Management Systems Audits
  • Safety Management Programs
  • Risk Assessments
  • Workplace Safety Programs
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Compliance and Management Systems Audits

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  • Compliance to the following standards
  • AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems,
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System,
  • OHSAS 18001
  • AS ISO 19600:2015 Compliance management systems
  • Audits
  • Incident investigation

About WHS Made Easy

At WHS Made Easy we offer consulting and solutions on a range of WHS solutions, resources and information - suitable

At WHS Made Easy we offer consulting and solutions on a range of WHS solutions, resources and information - suitable for all types of business.

Safety decisions are made in complex physical, psychological and social environments. We take this into consideration when recommending WHS services and safety programs.

We will assist businesses movement toward a world class safety management system and to ensure the highest standards of WHS, wellbeing and safety culture in your workplace.

Our safety programs are designed to overlay existing structures, not create new ones. We understand one size doesn't fit all, so we will help you integrate my safety programs into your workplace through various levels of customization. My safety programs have a flexible approach to delivery with a combination of 'In-House' and consultant-delivered options available.

We are committed to providing value-added professional, effective and efficient WHS services and safety programs that combines the human factors, safety management systems and WHS regulations.

Complete the following short quiz:
Do you have a documented process for reporting and investigating incidents, whether or not a worker has been injured?
Do you consult with your workers with issues relating to their health and safety?
Do you conduct regular safety inspections in your workplace?
Do you have a documented health and safety policy?
Do you know what your high risk activities are?
Do you have documented procedures for high risk activities?
Do you have an operational inductions and training program?

if you answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions then we can help you.

Plus, you have the peace of mind that comes from a professionally qualified, experienced WHS consultant. We add expertise to your existing safety staff and can mentor less experienced staff or managers.

WHS Made Easy has worked with a number of Australian businesses from a variety of industries. We know how to apply workplace health and safety in any context.

It is possible to design a solution specifically for any business. That’s where we come in. We are a respected safety professionals with strong professional qualifications in safety.

We offer consulting and solutions on a range of WHS solutions, resources and information - suitable for all types of business.

Our WHS solutions are professional, practical and affordable. Designed around the real needs of Australian businesses, our information resources, tools and consulting services will help your businesses be compliant and keep your workplace safe and productive.
My integrated approach enables me to provide a total WHS management package.

Our approach assures my clients of practical, cost effective solutions tailored to their specific requirements and enables them to effectively manage their WHS issues and liabilities and satisfy their legislative obligations.