Whitsunday Pet Resort
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Whitsunday Pet Resort

Where Very Important Pets Stay & Play

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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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915 Shute Harbour Rd Mount Marlow QLD 4800
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  • Premium food
  • Tick & worming treatments
  • Cat furniture
  • Cat litters
  • Pet accessories


  • Dog kennels
  • Cattery
  • Hydrobaths & grooming sessions
  • Exercise yards
  • Packages
  • Pick up & delivery service

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About Whitsunday Pet Resort

Give your pets a luxury holiday experience here at Whitsunday Pet Resort! Our first priority is your pets' happiness. That is why we do our best to pamper your dogs and cats.
We are one of the best pet hotels that you can find. We have dog kennels and cattery as well. Allow us to take care of your pets while you are away on vacation. Our dog kennels and cattery are perfect homes for your beloved feline and canine companions.
We specialise in providing a luxury holiday experience for your pets in a parasite-free zone. Our team is trained in first aid and we follow cattery management practises. We can deliver pets to and from different locations as well.
Other pet hotels cannot compare to the love and care we will give your pets here at Whitsunday Pet Resort. We have clean and sanitised bedding in our dog kennels and cattery to ensure maximum comfort for your pets. We also offer premium food here at our facility. Other services we offer include grooming sessions and hydrobaths. Your pets are sure to have a wonderful stay here at Whitsunday Pet Resort.
We have 45 years of accumulated experience in taking care of pets, which is why you can entrust them to us without any worries. Our employees are trained and experienced in behavioural psychology and animal husbandry, so you are certain that your cats and dogs are in good hands while staying at our dog kennels and cattery. There is no need to look for other pet hotels.
At Whitsunday Pet Resort, we carry products such as pet food, tick and worming treatments, cat litters, as well as furniture and pet accessories. For reliable service and clean dog kennels and cattery, Whitsunday Pet Resort is your partner - a place where your pets can stay and play!
About Mackay, QLD
If the Mackay region’s slogan of ‘Nature. Reserved.’ is anything to go by, it’s incredible place to get in touch with the Australian land. It’s only an hour-and-a-half flight to Mackay from Brisbane, while it’s close to 4 hours from Sydney. By car, you’re facing a ten-hour drive from Brisbane and 8-and-a-half from Cairns. Aussies head to Mackay from all over the country just for the fishing. The oceans, lakes and rivers, plus being the meeting point for northern and southern fish varieties, makes the region a hot spot for all abilities. To give you some ideas, take a look at the Mackay Harbour Beach, Blacks Beach, Theresa Creek Dam and Lake Barfield, to name a few. As for international guests, you’ll be enthralled by the wallabies and kangaroos, which tend to gather in the Cape Hillsborough National Park. If you travel an hour inland from Mackay to the Finch Hatton Gorge in Eungella National Park, keep an eye out for the billed platypus. While you’re in Finch Hatton Gorge, check our Oliver’s Pool, where you can scuba dive. Mackay is also known as sugar cane country. At its heart is Sarina and the Sugar Cane Shed. While there, you can tour the property, sample cane-sweetened treats or even take a sip of specialty rums and liquors. Before you book accommodation in Mackay, think about pitching a tent. There are so many pristine camp spots located on beaches, in national parks or holiday parks waiting for you to make your home. Or, if you are inclined for a little luxury, be sure to book ahead in any of the region’s motels, hotels and resorts.