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  • Premium food
  • Tick & worming treatments
  • Cat furniture
  • Cat litters
  • Pet accessories


  • Dog kennels
  • Cattery
  • Hydrobaths & grooming sessions
  • Exercise yards
  • Packages
  • Pick up & delivery service

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Give your pets a luxury holiday experience here at Whitsunday Pet Resort! Our first priority is your pets' happiness. That is why we do our best to pamper your dogs and cats.
We are one of the best pet hotels that you can find. We have dog kennels and cattery as well. Allow us to take care of your pets while you are away on vacation. Our dog kennels and cattery are perfect homes for your beloved feline and canine companions.
We specialise in providing a luxury holiday experience for your pets in a parasite-free zone. Our team is trained in first aid and we follow cattery management practises. We can deliver pets to and from different locations as well.
Other pet hotels cannot compare to the love and care we will give your pets here at Whitsunday Pet Resort. We have clean and sanitised bedding in our dog kennels and cattery to ensure maximum comfort for your pets. We also offer premium food here at our facility. Other services we offer include grooming sessions and hydrobaths. Your pets are sure to have a wonderful stay here at Whitsunday Pet Resort.
We have 45 years of accumulated experience in taking care of pets, which is why you can entrust them to us without any worries. Our employees are trained and experienced in behavioural psychology and animal husbandry, so you are certain that your cats and dogs are in good hands while staying at our dog kennels and cattery. There is no need to look for other pet hotels.
At Whitsunday Pet Resort, we carry products such as pet food, tick and worming treatments, cat litters, as well as furniture and pet accessories. For reliable service and clean dog kennels and cattery, Whitsunday Pet Resort is your partner - a place where your pets can stay and play!