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  • Our Value
  • W.E. Pack provides a consolidation facility to assist small to medium growers meet volume requirements for important domestic markets. By consolidating produce, growers are not only able to access important markets, but also benefit from:
  • ¨ The economies of scale that are achieved by volume purchasing ; and
  • ¨ Access to critical logistics infrastructure and refrigerated vans
  • The strength of W.E. Packs business is its relationships with critical supply chain partners and capitalising on these relationships is achieved by volume and consistency in supply.
  • Our Service
  • Our service begins well before the trees are fruiting. We can assist growers understand and work through food safety and quality assurance programs and provide access to training and support that may be required.
  • We work with growers on crop forecasting and provide the best advice we can on volume capability when your fruit is ready for harvest – Shed capability, Logistics capability and Market capability. We provide as much accurate information on the upcoming season as we can to assist growers make important decisions about their crop.
  • W.E Pack treats, grades, packs, cools and transports produce in accordance with industry best practice. All products are identified with a number that is unique to the delivery batch and grower and product is identified by this number from the shed to the market.
  • W.E. Pack has a strong customer base and specialises in product differentiation, our Blush Brand TMis well respected and sought after in all the market destinations. This means that your fruit will stand out from the crowd in the market place.
  • Our Commitment
  • W.E. Pack has a strong skilled based management team; qualified HACCP practitioners and audited HACCP systems; the most advanced grading and packing equipment available on the market; state of the art cooling facilities ; along with Fresh Track and pallet tracking WEB technology.
  • All of this means that growers can have confidence that their produce will arrive in the market in optimum condition and that all produce can be tracked and traced along every stage of the supply chain. Our high standards ensure that produce meets quality and consistency standards that are expected by wholesalers, retailers and consumers. We aim to deliver both a quality service to growers and quality produce to buyers.
  • For more information on how we can assist get your product into the market and ensure it stands out in the crowd call 08 89 886 766 or email administration@wepack.com.au

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