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3 months ago
don't bother separating your waste as it all goes into the same truck and taken to landfill. This was pointed out to management but the same practise happened the next collection. Glass, paper and general waste all in the same truck????
3 years ago
I worked for a firm in Cardiff until October 2013 and was the contact for Veolia. Since my retirement, I have had numerous phone calls from male and female staff from the Cameron Park Depot re: the bin pickups etc. At each phone call, I have informed the person that I no longer work there and to please remove my contact details. Each time I was told it would be done straight away. I have also given each person that contacted me the landline number of the business and a contact name. But here we are 2017 and i have had 3 calls already about picking up bins etc. I was contacted by a woman called (Karen or Caren) on the 6th February (4903****) and after a heated discussion with her she promised to remove my details straight away but it never happened. On Monday the 4th of September I was contacted again by a woman (name i can't remember) with the same phone number as above to inform me about a bin pick up etc. I also informed her about their lack of removing my details and again I have be

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