Vacuum Excavations Vac-King
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Vacuum Excavations Vac-King

Dig smart, dig safe... vacuum excavate

Open 24hrs
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Sunshine Coast QLD 4550
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0417 62 51


  • Pipe & conduit jetting & cleaning
  • Trenching underneath footpaths & driveways
  • Potholing
  • Removal of wet & dry material
  • Commercial trenching
  • Draw-wire pulling
  • Gully or pit box clean out
  • Excavation for power & street light poles
  • Excavation of footings
  • Non-destructive digging
  • Cleaning & removal of water from elevator wells
  • Cleaning grain silos


  • Precision excavating

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About Vacuum Excavations Vac-King

Looking for an excavation team you can rely on not to damage your existing pipes and cables? Vacuum Excavation Vac King is a Sunshine Coast owned and operated business with a reputation for excellent work.

We operate by blasting highly pressurised water into the ground to create a hole or trench, while simultaneously removing the dislodged soil with a powerful vacuum. Our units are available in multiple sizes, have their own water and power, and are operated by trained personnel.

Vacuum excavation eliminates the need for workers to enter the excavation area as they remain safely on the surface at all times. It also allows for quick and precise excavations due to the incredible accuracy of the flow water stream.

In situations where access is difficult or impossible for excavators and other machines, vacuum excavation is the perfect solution. It creates clean cuts, is quick and efficient, and virtually eliminates the risks to workers and underground services.

Call Vacuum Excavation Vac King today for all your Sunshine Coast excavation needs.


About Landsborough, QLD
Located in the local government area of the Sunshine Coast Council, Landsborough is a suburban town in the state of Queensland. The town’s name is derived from the first European voyager to travel across Australia from north to south, William Landsborough. It was in 1871 when the first Europeans settled in Landsborough, which used to be named Mellum Creek. The original term is the Aboriginal equivalent for “volcano”. The town’s first postal office opened on January 23, 1881 and bore the name Mellum Creek Post office before being changed to Landsborough in 1890. Tourism is considered to be an important part of Landsborough as it has a rich cultural heritage. Some of the tourist attractions include heritage-listed sites such as the Public Air Raid Shelter at Landsborough Railway Station, the North Coast Roadside Rest Areas and the Landsborough Shire Council Chambers.