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  • Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Electronic Rust Prevention systems


  • Residential Window Films
  • Commercial Window Films
  • Enerlogic Window Insulation
  • Corporate Graphics & Frosted Films
  • Wers Accredited Installers
  • Automotive Window Tinting
  • Electronic Rust Prevention
  • Premium Paint Protection
  • Stone Chip Protection
  • Nanobionic Glass

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  • ABN: 48 112 976 464
  • 3M Accredited Installer
  • 3M National Certified Trainer
  • UltraPack Certifed Applicator
  • WERS for Film Accreditation
  • MEPfilms - Preferred Installer
  • ABN 48 112 976 464


  • Commercial window frosting and logos
  • Decorative Wall Graphics and murals
  • Specified WERS Window Films

About Ultra Tint Window Tinting

Why Choose Ultra Tint?

Professional window tinting workshops prosper despite local competition by offering outstanding customer service and top quality products

Why Choose Ultra Tint?

Professional window tinting workshops prosper despite local competition by offering outstanding customer service and top quality products that represent true value for money. We suggest that you find a window tinting professional that has been in business for 10yrs or more at the same Gold Coast location. This shows a stable Gold Coast based business that will still be there years down the road if for some reason a warranty issue may arise.

A Product Is Only As Good As The Quality Of Its Installer

Because window tinting film is a sensitive material, there are many factors that can affect the quality of an installation in your home or office such as dust, wind, ease of access, glass types, exposure and more. A keen eye, and good attention to detail are a must during any window film installation.

Whether it’s at the top of a ladder, or squeezing into a tight space, we continually strive to provide the best tinting installation quality possible on every job, no matter how difficult the task. That’s all part of Ultra Tint’s unrivalled workmanship guarantee.

Unfortunately these days, Quality No Longer Comes Standard

The recent proliferation of cheap Chinese copies of many quality brands have seen companies like eBay grow massively due to peoples belief that they are buying the same thing, at a much cheaper price. It usually isn’t until the product arrives in the mail that you realise that this simply isn’t that case. So you shrug it off and think to yourself “That’s what you get for trying to buy a Tag Heuer watch for $20.00…“

The window film industry is no different. There are a multitude of installers out there who would like you to believe that their particular brand of film (which you may never have heard of) is better than 3M or Llumar, and much cheaper. So let’s analyse that a little further… “better than 3M or Llumar” ~ Effectively, what the person is indirectly saying, is that companies like 3M and Llumar are widely acknowledged worldwide as being the best there is. And they are making every effort to have you believe that this product you may or may not have heard of before, is somehow, even better… Imagine if Kia, or Hyundai started selling their cars using a sales pitch like “better than a Ferrari, and much cheaper!” The second half of the statement is self evident, but would you believe the first half? Probably not. Window tinting is a completely unregulated industry, and very prone to quick buck marketing. (Especially here on the Gold Coast) Anyone could pick up a squeegee, buy a roll of film and call themselves a window tinter.

Why Not Demand A Quality Alternative?

We have listened to the requests of our loyal customers and offer the full range of high quality solar and security window tinting films for residential and commercial applications. Our own research identified a very poor presence of experienced home and office window tinters on the Gold Coast who are willing to use high quality products for all types of residential and commercial projects. Some Home & Office glass tinting companies with a long standing history on the Gold Coast have now been taken over by new owners, who have turned to cheaper, less superior window film alternatives in order to cut costs, and win the price war with their competitors.

What Ever Happened To Good Old Fashioned Quality and Service?

It’s time we (as a community) took a stand. With the full support and encouragement of our suppliers, we offer the full range of Solar, Decorative and Security window tinting films for Residential, Commercial and Automotive applications, to meet (and exceed) your expectations of what a good quality window film, installed by professionals, should provide.

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