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Express delivery World Wide. Toll Priority specialises in express freight, imaging and document management, plus mailroom and technological services.

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Package arrival problems now solved.
posted this on

Very helpful, Erika provided wonderful customer service. I gave 2 addresses so the delivery driver was confused which to take it to but now the package is coming tomorrow to one of the addresses I specified over the phone.

Poor service
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I received a "Sorry we missed you" card. I got on the web site and ticked pick up from nearest depot. My closest depot is Cardiff, so why do I have to drive to Beresfield to collect? I rang to number given and told I could pick it up from a news agents. Told the nearest one is Hamilton. You've got to be joking. I didn't request to have a signature on delivery, why can't it be delivered without a signature? Poor service. Will use Australia Post next time

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I live in an apartment which is behind a gate, however we do have an intercom system, the gate is busted and you can open it by reaching your hand through the bars AND I can see gate from my lounge room - He didn't even bother, he just put the "we missed you card" in my mailbox. When I ran out to grab him, he was gone. My housemate got the text message to collect the next day so she called to find out where the depot was (30mins away) and If I could come collect this afternoon, they said yes tha... ts fine... I drove the 30 mins out of my way, to find that there was no Parcel and that the "text message you received clearly said come tomorrow" I told the office woman about the phone call, of which they told me I was wrong...
Thanks for the hours round trip and waste of petrol.

Most useless company ever
posted this on

Give them a miss. Delivered when I was at work even though I asked not to. Took the package away. Accepted redirection then delivered again to wrong address. Took it away. Told me it went to nearest depot. Lied - not there. 45 minutes on hold to customer "service" who told me it WAS at alternative delivery - lied. I was there and they did not have it. Another 35 minutes on hold to "tracking" - "can't help, will transfer you to customer service". 1 hour later, phone cut out.
Local directory g... ives a number - NOT TOLL
Most useless group I have dealt with. Only gave 1 star because it doesn't allow zero stars.

Phone contact
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I could have walked to Beresfield in the time it took to get an answer on the phone Friday 11th March 8.40 am. NOWHERE NEAR ACCEPTABLE.

1.7 6

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