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TNT Express Reviews (36)

Missed package

4 years ago
What a frustrating company to deal with! They left me a calling card saying they had missed me and to call them. Automated service which advises to go to their website for their exchange address. Go to the website and it tells me they've attempted delivery but nowhere can I find where their depot is. 3 phone calls to their number and still cannot get a real person to speak to me. Such terrible customer service.
Amanda - Mountain Creek

Very good

2 years ago
I've noticed a lot of bad reviews online, and I though I should balance the scales. My first dealing with TNT importing some stuff from China. They were really helpful in guiding me through the process, and there was a very nice lady from TNT who basically looked after the whole process for me. I've really got to give them 2 thumbs up.
scott - Maroochydore

Where is my stuff??

a year ago
Still waiting for a consignment that was supposed to be at a depot just up the road from here two days ago. I should not have had to phone TNT and hassle them to make something happen.
Qzl - Nambour QLD 4560

No number to call

2 years ago
Like all others I am frustrated about the inability to contact anyone. The system did not notice us that the parcel is out for delivery. It still showed in transit while the driver knocked at the door. We were just out for 15 min walking the dog. Now we have rebook delivery which is available in 2 days. Thats more than frustrating as we have commitments to our clients.
Marcus Freudenmann - Noosaville QLD 4566

Misclaims, no call, damages

2 years ago
Two days from Canberra to Yandina depot and another two days before my elected local pick-up. "New" driver couldn't find well-known address and didn't phone as company indicates at his personal expense, so returned after my day wait to depot. Tracking report later indicated, "new delivery address required", but no TNT contact details given to resolve, while website tracking indicated delivery "on its way" by expected 5 p.m.. I phoned 13 number & automated response falsely alleged "no one at home" and to reschedule. Next day tracking report indicated "delivered", until TNT two hour later phone call explaining "finding" problem with re-delivery now scheduled after weekend. I opted to pick-up with an hour drive and found unexplained large dents in box with grease and damages to bubble-wrapped painting's frame. Had similar size painting shipped from Sydney with another carrier a few days prior at quarter of cost and no problem. I join the other reviews, won't future use or recommend TNT.
Jim - Sunshine Coast

Incompetant and useless!

2 years ago
my supplier in China got TNT to ship my product (bad mistake). The parcel was listed on the package to deliver to a PO Box in Maroochydore. Once it arrived on the Sunshine Coast the tracking updated to say it could not be delivered due to being a PO Box! What.... TNT accepted the order (and my money) to deliver the item clearly marked as going to a PO Box and now they say they cannot deliver it! So I gave them my home address and they want to take another 48 hours to deliver it.... told they would phone me to let me know whats going on..... No calls! The Yandina depot is 12 mins from my home! This is just disgraceful. Meant to be an express service and its gonna take 48 hours to change address from po box to home address which are 12 mins apart and 12 mins from depot. Unbelievable. I thought Auspost was incompetent but TNT have taken it to a whole now level! Do not use!!
matt - sunshine coast

Correct address

2 years ago
The address is correct but driver did not bother to deliver and saying that the address was incorrect.
Christiane - Sunshine Coast

Parcel drop off and recollection centre

2 years ago
Waited for my parcel, was late stepped out for 10 minutes and asked neighbour to keep eye out . Driver arrived, didn't try gate just slipped sorry I missed u card in post box . Would not stop when neighbour came out. Tried in vain to track it for next 7 hrs and was told numerous times I would have it by end of business. U cannot contact depot and now they cannot find it!! Such incompetence would not be tolerated in any other field. To say I am angry is an understatement. Will NEVER use TNT again or recommend.
Simon McMahon - Buderim

Lazy drivers, shocking service.

2 years ago
I was expecting a parcel, so when the truck pulled into my driveway and the driver sat in the truck for some time I thought he was doing paperwork, which he was...he left a SORRY WE MISSED YOU leaflet in my mailbox. I couldn't get down the stairs to stop him before he drove off. I live in a block of apartments and he didn't even attempt to come to the door. Disgusting service with lazy drivers. And I can't even speak to anyone on the phone and I don't know where to go and pick it up. Ughhh!
Desleigh - Buderim

Appalling Service

2 years ago
Package for customer not delivered on time. Totally rude and incompetent customer service. No understanding of the impact that TNT's failure to meet its own service levels has on its customer. USE ANYBODY ELSE YOU CAN.
Dean - Marcoola

Terrible service

2 years ago
Getting something delivered or picked up on the Sunshine Coast is useless. Only deliver 9-5 (any time during that day) to home, will not say where a drop off is at a large company, refuse to ask local site where workplace dropoff is, will allow anyone to sign for it at workplace, TNT Maroochydore depot is actually in Yandina which is miles away. Hopeless service. One star rating is too high.
Helen Rodgers - Sunshine Coast

Express what a joke!!!

2 years ago
TNT delivered the parcel to the wrong shop at the wrong address in the wrong suburb a day late, we were told the parcel would be picked and redelivered first thing Monday around 8am then we (my customer included) waited all Monday for the parcel to be re delivered, promised by dispatch several times that it would the next delivery. If I made this mistake, it would be priority to fix it! Not TNT they just don't care, so 2:30pm still waiting around so I thought I had heaps of time to write this review
Craig - Sunshine Coast

Can't talk to a person

2 years ago
Required delivery for client. These parts were essential. Now I have to wait 3 days for re-delivery. No other options can't even pickup from the depot for 3 days. How stupid is this service.
Jason Cosgrove - Maroochydore

Appalling service

2 years ago
These guys are a joke took 3 calls of threats to get my consignment delivered 25 km away and 3 days late. It only took 1 day to get from China. Pulling all my companies' work from them.
Russell jager - yandina creek

Hydraulic pump

2 years ago
Bad bad service. Pump left Brisbane 4 days ago. Still not delivered to Caloundra.
dave west - Caloundra West

Pump delivery

3 years ago
Can't believe that a parcel was left at the front of my property with no notification of delivery. Delivery instructions clearly stated ring before delivery due to guard dog. Found parcel at the top of my 350m long driveway in clear view of anyone driving on the road. So surprised it was still there. Tried to ring and make a complaint but after being on hold for over 20mins I hung up.
David Wilkinson - sunshine coast


3 years ago
Very disappointing to not have overnight delivery received for our parcels for this weekend. The centre was open all day and the delivery service logged that we were closed. The company also didn't leave a card anywhere for us to call them early enough to go and collect it from the Depot. We then spent 10mins on hold to be told that they couldn't do anything to rectify this before next week.
Kim Lawson - Caloundra

Terrible and awful service!

3 years ago
I have no words to describe how terrible repeat service has been. Even told our overseas suppliers to stop using them. DHL much better, more helpful staff and follow up when they say they will. Avoid these guys if you can.
mikhail - pelican waters


3 years ago
Company is fantastic but the MAROOCHYDORE leg of the service is a DISGRACE! They only have to deliver parcels, not rocket science but yes, they could not have stuffed a simple service up more. Scanned the parcel, forgot to put it on the truck in the AM, then marked it as 'delivered' in the PM when it hadn't been! PATHETIC MAROOCHYDORE. Do yourselves a favour TNT, SACK your Maroochydore staff and start a fresh. You might actually get some positive feedback that way and people might re-use your company instead of regretting the first and only experience. It wouldn't let me leave 0 stars, so had to leave one.
Sandy Newman - Little Mountain

Courier pickup and delivery

3 years ago
nick - sunshine coast


3 years ago
I was provided a tracking number by a supplier in Melbourne from which I could see that the package was picked up on 6 April and reached TNT depot by the afteroon. I kept checking the transit of this unfortunate package but nothing was updated. On 11 April, the day of expected arrival, no one seemed to know where it was. Finally late in the afternoon of the 11th, I was by phone informed, it will be delivered tomorrow. Now it appears it would not be today, maybe, if I keep my fingers crossed, on 13 April. I am not counting on it. TNT does not deserve, even one star.
Akram Malik - COOROY


3 years ago
Worst telephone service! Rang 131150 and can never speak to a real person about getting the courier back here to pick up the 2nd item. He took the first item and left the second, going on 3 days now!!
Aaron - Sunshine coast

Wish I could give you zero stars

3 years ago
Wait all day only to be told at 6pm that they didnt even try to deliver and will do it another day. I have 3 kids and a job. This is not good enough.
Campbell - Sunshine Coast

avoid, walk the package.

3 years ago
Just terrible in each and every way, no attempt to actually deliver the package, dropped a card without knocking on the door. Automated phones make organising a redeliver/pick up next to impossible. For your sanity avoid like a plague.
Matthew - Maroochydore

Parcel Delivery

3 years ago
Parcel delivery—deliveries, 2 months apart, both disasters.
Des - Caboolture


4 years ago
All day we were at home delivered a card in postbox saying no one at home This is 2nd time.
anto rajeev - Caloundra

Terrible service

4 years ago
TNT too busy to deliver so send out with an agent who leaves a card saying I can log on to organise re-delivery. Log on to get redelivered but the agent hasn't updated the details. Log on following day, doesn't work. Call to arrange redelivery but no its too late so now have to drive 30mins to collect. What a joke
Laraine Craig - Maroochydore

No attempt

4 years ago
No attempt was made to deliver the parcel. I was home all day and the dogs would have gone off if anyone had knocked. Very poor service
Jake - Beerwah

Worst couriers

4 years ago
Worst couriers!! I've been waiting weeks for a particular parcel to be delivered to my house. The morning it was attempted to be delivered the TNT driver couldn't be bothered to try and knocked or open the gate to see if anyone was home. He left a "sorry we missed you card" but! Wrote down the code and forgot a number. I had to ring up TNT and find out my code by waiting on the phone for an hour. Bad !
Meg - Buderim

Poor Delivery Service

4 years ago
I manage a tourist caravan park. A guest was waiting on a parcel which was late on arriving. Anyway the driver that delivered the package to reception in the end had attitude regarding the property address. The parcel wasn't even for me but i was signing on behalf of the guest. That driver was so rude and smart. Would not recommend .
Kim - Woombye


4 years ago
Driver did his rounds and decided to flag our delivery and do it the next day. I left the doc 30mins away and could even be delivered that day! Worst courier there is! DONT USE!
al - Sunshine Coast

delv of parcel driver did not come inside gate

4 years ago
Truck arrived i see at 10.15am 8/9.No attempt was made by the driver to come inside the gate as 5 people were at home all day.Very poor service indeed
steve - Sunshine Coast

What delivery?

4 years ago
I was notified of a 5pm delivery so took a few hours off work in case it came early. It didn't come at all thou it was listed as attempted but no-body at home so returned to the depot. That is simply not true. Not the first bad experience, a parcel from Perth to the Sunshine Coast Qld was found in Hobart after being lost for over 3 weeks. Really bad 'service'...
Peter Christie - Coolum Beach


5 years ago
I was home all morning, driver made no attempt to knock on door, driver left "sorry we missed you" card in letterbox, which I found when I went out later, phoned 131150 for customer service and got a woeful computer voice which was extremely difficult to use. I will never open an account with TNT, will advise customers to not send goods to me via TNT, tyou are the pits!
Neale Gentner - Nambour

failed delivery

5 years ago
My package was 'delivered' today. I heard the truck noise, rushed out of the shower to see the truck driving away. He must have been there 15 seconds. Now I am left waiting until after Easter. I thinK i will call TNT rather than chase the truck in my car. No you cant do that - only an automated message service. Not happy TNT
Merv Hyde - Sunshine Coast

Packages tracking and contacts

5 years ago
Just wanted to let you know that your on line tracking system and information is Ok except that you can find out everything that you dont want know. IE a day it might be delivered, no tome frame in the expected day of delivery and no possible way to contact the local last scanned TNT courier company to find out when and if its on delivery and a time. Makes hard to plan your business day or week with such vague information and no phone numbers to talk to people at the last scanned depot. If you have set out to discourage your customeresfrom contacting you - it's worked. Never again.
Ross Smith - Mooloolaba



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