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Love love love

2 years ago
It's amazing service and beautiful people who work there make it an amazing experience. I go in fortnightly for infills and shellac colour changes the prices are amazing and service perfect!
Sheridan Opetaia - Nerang, QLD

Good job & take my friends there!

2 years ago
That's a great to visit This Nails. I had enjoyed the best services in here as competitive prices, nice people, take care, hard working. They are most of Vietnamese and can communicate English well with clients and they extremely are friendly and welcoming me to come there, as I travelled to Vietnam last year and specialising for the staffs are so nice attitude, I feel that. Honestly, I also heard more sharing but I wanted to go there curiously by myself, that reason why I just join here. So how surprise! One thing I reckon that you have to come and enjoy it to double check how the services and will give you your private assessment. In my opinion, I absolutely will relax shop next time and take my friends too. Lovely.
Tiara - Nerimbera, QLD 4701

The best nail shop EVER!

2 years ago
Last time I went to do my nails at This Nails Shop it was beautiful. They have great staff, good prices and they act very fast and there accurate. They don't waste any time and they have absolutely good service. If I'd ever do my nails again I will definitely go to This Nails.
Samantha - Nerang, QLD
2 years ago
I took my girlfriend to do her nails here. She and I strongly feel so happy to do the services, very cheap, staff nice.
Amy - Robina, QLD

Affordable but rushed

2 years ago
The staff were lovely. But it was busy and they rushed. My nails were messy and polish on my skin on pretty much every finger. One the polish was partly not even there. I honestly could have done it better myself. I guess next time Ill save my money and do a better job on my own.
Tally - Nerang, QLD 4211
a month ago
My nails have had some terrible treatments in nail salons, but this salon takes the cake. Three months on and my nails are still pitted and marked from the overuse of the drill in this salon. I absolutely question the training of the staff and their qualification. I will never be returning.
Pam Smith - Highland Park QLD 4211
2 months ago
DO NOT EVER GO HERE, my girlfriend and her sister went into the shop and the "professionals" hacked up her fingers to the point where we were standing in there shop demanding a refund and they would just sit there and talk in a foreign language behind your back ( pretty sure they were putting us down ), we talked to the owner through one of their phones and he was so disrespectfull and rude NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER GO HERE, LITERALLY YOU WOULD HAVE BETTER NAILS RUBBING IT ON THE CONCRETE, EXTREMELY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFULL PEOPLE.
Blake - Nerang QLD 4211

Worst job ever

3 years ago
Took my girlfriend to go get her nails done. They fell off after one day and it looked like a 6 year old had done them. Now I look like a bad boyfriend.
Darcy - Gold Coast

Poorest Job Ever

4 years ago
I've been getting my nails done for years and thought I'd try a different shop because it's $10 cheaper than what I would usually pay. WELL BIG MISTAKE not even 1 week later and I'm missing 6 nails. Went in and they offered to redo but as I had a baby in the car with my sister and I asked for a refund. Considering it was such a poor job, no thanks and why would I want your crap service. They decided to argue whilst doing another customers nails. My nails are too short and I apparently after years of getting my nails done, all of a sudden need a refill WEEKLY! Your service is as unprofessional as it gets! I WILL BE PUTTING THIS OUT EVERYWHERE TOO. I won't give this shop even one star, it's only I had no option other than to give you a star for this complaint to go through––that's how poor their service is!
Kasey - Gold Coast

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  • Nail art design
  • Gel nails
  • Overlay nails
  • Nails refill
  • Spa pedicure
  • Manicure

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