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Incompetency of the highest degree

3 years ago
This week we found out by chance, that the 42 day contract we thought was on Dad's house, settling in around a weeks time, had fallen through. The Public Trustee of Queensland (who are the executors of Dads will) "forgot" to tell us that the contract fell through over 3 weeks ago. In the meantime we had another buyer interested last week that we missed out on as we thought the house was still under contract and technically off the market so told him it was sold. This is just one in a multitude of mistakes they have made. So many errors—sending documents to the wrong people and wrong addresses, saying they never received the marketing proposal from the real estate, yet I have a copy of the email sent to them, verbally berating me for following up and being asked by a PT staff member if I was going to keep calling them—too right I am if you can't do your job properly. She later apologised, however she should never have spoken to me like that in the first place. And this
Jenelle - Rockhampton

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