FAQs about Tedmans Pest Control

Pest Control

  • Are my pets safe?

    Yes, the pest control products we use are considered safe if applied by professionals. Some pest control products actually contain small amounts of the same active ingredient used in dog flea and tick treatment. However, safety for you and your pets is our priority, we recommend to keep pets off the treated surfaces for a minimum of 2 hours.

  • Can I do my own pest control?

    Homeowners can do their own pest control, however, products available at hardware stores are far more inferior to professional pest control products. Professional equipment allows dosage and application to be much more controlled and to be applied correctly. It is much more beneficial to the homeowner to get a professional to asses the entry points and types of species to treat properly.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

  • I have found termites in my home, what do I do?

    If you have found termites in your home, it is crucial you do not disturb them. Termite disturbance can cause the termites to move around the property and full colony elimination may not be achieved. Contact us for a free call out to determine the termite species, structure of your home and the most suitable termite management system for your property.

  • Can I manage termites myself?

    When doing termite control yourself, there is a higher risk the termite colony will relocate elsewhere due to the disturbance. Partial colony elimination can also occur when self managing a termite problem, resulting in undetected damage in other area’s of the property.

  • How often should I get a termite inspection?

    In most cases, we recommend a termite inspection to be done annually. However if your house is at a higher risk eg. past termite issues, we recommend 6 monthly inspections. Termite inspections asses the property for high risk areas that are more likely to incur a termite attack. Most houses, unbeknownst to owner, have at least 3 area’s that will attract termites into the property.

  • How does a Termite Baiting System work?

    Firstly, we strategically map out areas around the perimeter of the property where the Termite Baiting Stations will be dug into the ground. After installation, non-toxic timber is placed inside to attract foraging termites. We inspect the stations regularly and once live termites are detected, a Requiem bait is introduced without disturbing the termite colony, achieving colony elimination.

Cockroach Control

  • How will you get rid of my Cockroach problem?

    Firstly we will asses the cockroach species, the extent of infestation and what area’s are contributing to the problem. Then we will determine whether the use of a spray, dust, gel bait or a combination of both would achieve the best result to eliminate your problem.

  • Why should I get Tedmans to do my pest control treatments?

    We are a local, family owned and operated small business. Our licensed Pest Technicians have a reputation for honesty, competitiveness, quality and performance ensuring our customers are repeat customers.

  • Does your pest control chemical smell?

    Gone are the day’s where organochloride chemicals are used. Today our pest control products are a no odour, non repellent type chemical that are undetectable to pests, meaning they will still naturally travel across treated surfaces and be affected as normal. Products with a strong odour are generally poor quality, repellent products.

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About Tedmans Pest Control

Tedmans Kingscliff Pest Control and Termite Management are a local, family owned and operated small business. Our professionally accredited,

Tedmans Kingscliff Pest Control and Termite Management are a local, family owned and operated small business. Our professionally accredited, trained and licensed pest technicians, Greg and Bruce, have over 30 years experience in the Pest Control and Termite Management Industry, servicing all Northern NSW and Gold Coast.

You can rely on Tedmans Kingscliff Pest Control and Termite Management to provide you with professional, efficient and informative service with a smile.

We use only the highest quality products available and offer a guarantee on all our pest control services.

To make a booking, simply call our friendly reception team on 07 56592927 or email us at