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  • Delivery
  • Backyard handymen
  • Contractors
  • Tradesmen
  • Council work
  • Multinationals
  • Aggregates
  • Road bases
  • Rock for walls & retaining
  • Filling
  • Sand gravel mix
  • Crusher dust
  • Gabion rock


  • Landscape rocks
  • Gabion rock
  • Crusher dust
  • Fill
  • Aggregates
  • Road bases
  • Gravel mix


  • Available Ex-bin or delivery can be arranged
  • No Job too large or too small

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At T.G. Jung Quarries we are a business committed to providing quarry services around the Coffs Harbour area. We are focused on providing you with the best quality quarry products and fill, at the best prices.

With a highly skilled team and the latest technology, we provide cost effective solutions for any project, including rock for walls and retaining, filling, gravel, road bases, crusher dust and sand gravel.

Our handy Coffs Harbour quarry tradesmen will work with contractors or councils for any job that will enhance the quality of outdoor living.

If you have a small or large job that is no worry to us, because we do all the hard work so you can get on with the finer things in life.

Contact T G Jung Quarries today for any Coffs Harbour quarry needs.

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