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Survival Solutions Fire Protection Reviews (2)

Survival Solutions Recommendation

2 years ago
I have known and worked with Jeff from Survival Solutions Fire Protection for over 10 years. During that time Jeff has provided us with invaluable assistance and advice in the area of fire services compliance. His experience and expertise in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of Fire Protection Systems continues to be an invaluable resource for our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff and Survival Solutions Fire Protection to anyone looking to use their services.
Graham Mann - Tuggerah

Survival Solutions

3 years ago
Jeff Terry from Survival Solutions looked over my home and business locations and recommended placing fire extinguishers in strategic places. The first interesting thing was that I'd have placed the extinguishers in completely different locations if I'd simply bought them and installed them myself. Jeff made me understand the errors associated with the placements. It may seem obvious but it was not. I'd have placed the extinguishers in places where it would have been impossible to grab them had there been a fire, given the places fires usually start. A few months later I answered the phone to hear an urgent voice. It was the tenant in the Granny Flat. "The flat's on fire". I dropped the phone, yelled to the painter who was working for me and we ran, grabbing a Fire Extinguisher which, thanks to Jeff, was near the front door. The painter hit the fire with the extinguisher as I turned off power and gas. I told the tenant to ring the Fire Brigade. We located the fire. It
Ian Spruce - Maitland


  • All equipment Supplied, Installed and Certified
  • - Fire Extinguishers - All types to suit all business applications, Co2, DCP, AW, WC, AF includes Service tags, ID & Location Signs
  • - Fire Hose Reels( FHR)
  • - Smoke and heat detection systems (FIP) Fire indicator panels
  • - Exit and Emergency Lights
  • - Fire Hydrant Systems, Flow test, Backflow and Block Plans
  • - Smoke Alarms - Battery, 240 Volt stand-alone or interconnected & Wireless
  • - Fire and Smoke Doors, Seals, Closers and frames
  • - Fire Upgrade Seals
  • - Building Occupant Warning Systems
  • - EWIS Emergency Warning Intercommunication System
  • - Fire Hydrant Systems
  • - Fire Stopping
  • - Fire Seals protecting opening
  • - Fire-rated Steel
  • - Fire Rutted Roller Shutters


  • Competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP)
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements AFSS provided at short notice.
  • Fire Safety Certificates
  • Building Fire Safety Upgrade Orders
  • Competitive Inspection and service on
  • * fire extinguishers & blankets
  • * fire hose reels
  • * exit and emergency lights
  • * fire doors & smoke doors
  • * fire hydrant systems
  • * fire and smoke detection systems
  • * sprinkler systems
  • * smoke alarms
  • * electrical appliance test and tag
  • * backflow testing of water supplies
  • * relamping of light globes and tubes
  • Major fire works project - design, install and commission
  • * sprinkler system
  • * detection and occupant warning systems
  • * fire and smoke doors


Licensed & Insured
- NSW Department of Fair trade license for Electrical and plumbing services Licence No. 227880C
- public liability of 20 million dollars
- professional indemnity of 2 million dollars
- Australian Institute Building Surveyors No. 4477
- Fire Protection Assoc. of Aust. No. 25243 code of practise compliance corporate bronze member.

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