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3 months ago
Spot light need to screen their salesperson before employment or they will loose customers .Particularly when times are super tough with the convid 19 virus at present. After asking for assistance instore this morning,we had a young female shop assistant demand I stand back and stop being so aggressive. I was 2 meters away with my wife and asked for a Teflon Iron cover which she repeated into her phone Teflon Ironboard cover, I repeated myself "No a Teflon Iron cover",with that she looked at us both and demanded I stand back (which I already was 2 meters )and stop being so aggressive and I was abusing her. My wife standing beside and behind me said my husband isn't being aggressive he's being very polite. Then I just said "WOW" its alright will go and get help from someone else". And we did we walked to the haberdashery area and got help from a lovely middle aged lady straight away that knew exactly what a Teflon Iron cover was, we purchased it from her it was very simple and pleasant
Rick - Coffs Harbour NSW

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