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Window cleaning job

6 years ago
Doug firstly my apologies that you were not happy with our service. It would have been nice if you had contacted " US" first, instead of trying to destroy our business by complaining on the internet. And we would have been more than happy to come and fix any worries you had. My staff member did explain that your screens were " sunburn"... " Which means when they dry they go back to a rust colour as it looks like they haven't been done." Secondly the tracks and door frames were not included on the quote to do. Again I am so sorry you did not have a good experience with our service. And wish you the best for the future.
ANTHONY - Gold Coast

Anthony Rogers

6 years ago
On further inspection of the whole of house window cleaning I was annoyed to find the following not done or not done properly. Screens were not taken off and washed/hosed all they got was an anti static cloth - poor result. Window wells and door tracks were not cleaned. This has been standard with other cleaners. Price - at $539 it was nearly $80 more than the most expensive previous cleaner at they least they did the job properly. It really gall that at about $80 an hour ie comparable to a plumber or sparky we got a second rate job.
Doug Cluer - Fingal Head

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