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a month ago
When I first saw my room I felt so down. It looked very drab with the cane furniture n the walls needed painting. I took pics n sent It to my husband n said I could not possibly live in such a dump. He reminded e the purpose of being there for two weeks. Staff was lovely and always checking on you. I put down my dietary requirements as pescatarian n no animal products. I was shocked when the cook asked if I wanted pork or beef. I said what does my dietary requirements indicate on my chart. She Sed pescatarian. I Sed well then I can't have it. I had a salad instead. The second week was much better. I got fish and veggies. Pity no parking facilities.
5 years ago
Spendelove took care of my 90 year old father for several weeks while we found him suitable aged care accommodation. The level of care was exceptional. The nursing staff have a wealth of experience and their communication between shifts was the best I have ever seen at any hospital. I would mention an issue regarding medical treatment to the evening staff and by the time I returned the next day the day shift were fully aware of the issue and had already taken action. I am not sure how they do it, but other hospitals could learn from what they do. They are proactive in meeting the patients needs. An example was that one evening I mentioned that my father needed blood test for an appointment with his specialist the next day. Within 1 hour they arranged for the blood test to be taken and the results were available for the specialist the next day. The meals provided were great and the kitchen staff accommodated my father's preferences. All of the staff are caring, compassionate and unders

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