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3 years ago
I may have given a good review here for the repair done as an insurance claim, however I added a respray to the front on my car to remove stone chips. I was given a quote that included removal of headlights and front guards, etc., which lead me to believe they were painting the bonnet and front of my car like I had asked for. When I picked the car up only the bonnet had been painted and there are still a million stone chips on the front bumper so the hundreds of dollars I paid to have it painted looks insignificant. I suggest you be very specific in making sure they understand what you want and question any quotes to be very clear that you are getting what you are paying for. There was a massive communication problem here that they have put back on me......although when I asked them if they thought it was odd that I would only want my bonnet painted when I asked for all stone chips to be removed they didn't have an answer!!!! I am SO DISAPPOINTED and have WASTED a lot of MONEY.
Jodie Charles - Tallai

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