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  • Solar hot water systems
  • Solar grid connect systems
  • Solar air conditioning
  • Grid systems
  • Hot water grid connect


  • Solar panels
  • Solar air conditioning
  • Hot water systems
  • Grid connect systems
  • Suntech
  • Yingli Solar
  • SMA
  • Therma sun
  • Koolsita
  • Growall


  • Locally owned for 30 years

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Switch to solar and start saving money today with Solar Power Cairns, your experts in all things solar powered.

We have been locally owned for more than 30 years, giving us the local knowledge necessary to make high-quality recommendations on what systems will suit your home or business. We stock a wide range of Cairns solar power products including solar panels, air conditioning units, hot water systems and grid connect systems.

Reduce your carbon footprint and maximise your savings with our solar power products.

The tropical Cairns weather and constant humidity can cause homeowners to run their air conditioners throughout the day. This can result in bloated energy bills which can be avoided with our solar alternatives. Our Cairns solar air conditioning systems can be fitted where all standard split-system air conditioners are fitted.

If you are interested in switching to solar power, we can visit your home or business in order to tailor a quote specific to your needs. This way you understand pricing upfront so you can make an informed decision about making the change.

Use the sun’s energy to cool down your home, heat your water and power electricity. Our team of experienced technicians are more than happy to help you with whatever solar power queries you may have.

You have the power to start saving money, minimise your carbon emissions and do your part for the environment. Call Solar Power Cairns today for an obligation-free quote.

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