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  • Commercial sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshop
  • Combinations
  • Indoor riding schools
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Factories & storage
  • School sheds
  • Skillion sheds
  • Versatile sheds
  • Rural sheds
  • Hay sheds
  • Machinery sheds
  • Shearing sheds
  • Fertiliser & grain sheds
  • Dairy & free range
  • Poultry shedding
  • Carports
  • Barns
  • Workshops
  • Patios & awnings
  • Outdoor areas
  • Residential


  • Home improvements
  • Rural & industrial steel building solutions
  • Custom tailored & engineered building designs
  • Complete project management or kits with plans
  • Premium quality Australian made steel products
  • Patented Morinda™ 'Glove Section Building Systems'
  • Good looking steel structures that are built to last in Australia's harshest conditions


Australian Steel Institute
Master Builders

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Fully Insured

About ShedBoss Gladstone

Winner of the Best in Business Award 2014

Shed Boss is renowned for an uncompromising attitude towards professional workmanship and delivering high quality, affordable steel building designs that fully comply with the Building Codes of Australia.

When you work with Shed Boss you are dealing with professional builders and qualified tradespeople who know what they're doing.

Our reputation is built upon offering a versatile, affordable range of quality steel structures with superior design, independent engineering and exclusive systems including our patented Morinda Bracket™ systems.

You can expect Shed Boss to deliver:

Structures that are built strong, built right every time
Attention to detail, customer service and workmanship
Australian made and locally manufactured products
Unique patented Morinda™ building systems
An affordable, durable investment
A quality building that will increase the value of your property

With widespread independently owned and operated Shed Boss outlets across Australia, we are industry leaders in the manufacture of quality steel sheds, garages, carports, patios, awnings, barns and workshops for domestic, rural, commercial and industrial uses. All of our designs utilise the latest technology and innovations in steel fabrication to create superior buildings that add value and versatility to your home or business.

Shed Boss wants your building experience to be completely hassle free. When you build with us, you deal directly with licensed builders and qualified tradespeople who will professionally and efficiently manage your project from free initial quotation and planning to Council approvals and final construction.

Most importantly, you'll be dealing with local building specialists who genuinely care about your project and will offer unparalleled professionalism and customer service.

ShedBoss is proudly ShedSafe accredited. This means our designs and buildings have been through a rigourous independent certification process to ensure they meet the Australian Building Standards and Building Code of Australia. ShedSafe can not be purchased - it must be earned. You can therefore rest assured that your ShedBoss investment will withstand all the elements of our unique environment.
Shed Boss use steel made by BlueScope Steel which is 100% Australian made and guaranteed to meet or exceed Australian standards. Our genuine COLORBOND, ZINCALUME and GALVASPAN products have been tested in extreme climates throughout Australia against defects such as blistering, cracking, flaking and peeling - defects you do not want to see in your shed. All of our products are backed up by a warranty you can trust.

We are proud to be a part of the Gladstone community and pride ourselves on superior buildings, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. ShedBoss Gladstone was awarded the 2014 Westpac Best in Business Awards winner! This is a proud achievement as it demonstrates our commitment and contribution to the local community.

From the small back yard shed to massive commercial factories and warehouses, Shed Boss custom design any project to your exact size and specifications. Unlike many kit products which come in a limited number of sizes, Shed Boss use the latest technology and innovations which allows us to produce thousands of different ranges and combinations.
For the large commercial sheds, we are able to supply hot form and universal beam designs which give a much larger span width.
Here are 7 important matters to consider when investing in your shed:

1. Your Safety and the Importance of being ShedSafe
Have you considered what would happen if your shed were uninsured and affected by a severe weather event? ShedBoss has been in the shed industry for over 30 years. Our product was developed in Cairns, a truly cyclonic region therefore your ShedBoss shed is specifically designed to withstand any weather condition it may endure. This means the peace of mind that come rain or shine, wind and weather, your shed is safe, sound and secure.  

We do not simply upgrade a lesser-designed shed; we build the right shed, which is individually designed and customised for the exact location and wind speed of your site. This is supported by our ShedSafe accreditation. ShedSafe is an independent testing process that ensures the shed you are buying is designed in accordance with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Our sheds do more than just meet the minimum ShedSafe criteria; our sheds set the benchmark which means you won’t find another shed that has more steel it in than ours!

There are many shed companies who have failed in gaining ShedSafe accreditation, which means you risk purchasing a non-compliant building. Many government organisations only purchase ShedSafe accredited sheds and some insurance companies will not insure your shed unless it is a ShedSafe shed.

 2. Cyclonic Hold-Down System
How strong will your shed be? The hold down system of a shed is integral to the overall strength of the building. ShedBoss uses hot dipped galvanised brackets which are cast into the slab and form part of the sheds actual foundation. This cyclonic hold-down system protects any uplift during a severe weather event. Don’t rely on dyna bolts or concrete screws to stop your shed from blowing away in a cyclone.

 3. Roof Height and Pitch
Maximise the space in your cooler shed! ShedBoss provide you with a standard 15-degree roof pitch on our domestic range of sheds. This gives you more height and is much cooler under roof. This higher pitch also allows for extra storage space. Furthermore, ShedBoss has a multi-pitch bracket system available, which means we can match the exact pitch of your house roof if desired, further enhancing the aesthetic value of your home.

 4. Connection Method and Bracing
It is important to have a strong, secure frame to ensure your shed will stand the test of time. The frame of your ShedBoss shed will feature the patented “Morinda Glove Section”. The benefit of this bracket is a built in gusset and full wrap around connection. By wrapping the connection bracket around the whole shed truss and column, we have effectively managed to pull the load over the whole joint. The disadvantage of connecting on only one side of the join means the shed frame can twist in high winds because the load is not equal, significantly reducing the strength of the frame.

 5. Sheeting and Protection against Fading
Your ShedBoss shed will look as good as new for many years to come! ShedBoss use Australian made quality (0.47 gauge thickness) sheeting on every one of our sheds. Many shed companies use cheaper imported steel with a thinner gauge which will fade quickly and has a tendency to buckle and twist in places where the screws are fixed. By using our sheeting, you will never have to worry about painting your shed as it will maintain its brightness and colour fastness for decades. The thicker gauge also means you can safely walk on the roof of your ShedBoss shed, making it much easier to clean gutters or check your solar panels. Always check what type of sheeting is being used on your shed and where it is manufactured.

 6. Wall Screws
How would you feel if your shed leaked every time it rained? Many types of screws can cause roof and wall sheets to rust and leak. For this reason, ShedBoss use neoprene washers on all external screws to prevent the heartache of unsightly rust marks and leaks on your shed.

7. Your Peace of Mind is what’s Most Important
ShedBoss is a fully insured QBCC licensed company. With over 1,000 buildings supplied and constructed over the past 11 years, we know what we are doing and are fully committed to professionalism and outstanding customer care. Our Built Strong, Built Right philosophy means we get the job done safely, correctly and on time. You will be sure to love your ShedBoss shed.