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Rudest, most unprofessional doctor I have ever seen.

3 years ago
Just had the worst doctors experience of my life! Drove 3 hours to Woollongong (from Canberra) for a specialist skin cancer treatment only to be told on arrival they couldnt do my treatment today, but they could offer me something else. When I told them I'd already had that other treatment before and it didnt work on me, he said "I don't believe that for a second".....EXCUSE ME! So arrogant! Its MY body! I think I know what treatments I've had and what works for me better than a stranger does! When i asked why nobody called to tell me the treatment wouldn't be going ahead, as they knew I was coming from Canberra, he just shrugged his shoulders then told me I should just "get it done in canberra!" When I said no one in Canberra does it, thats why I've just driven 3 hours to come here he says "I don't believe that either".... WOW! I was dumbfounded by what I was hearing! It's well known/documented (search google) that there is a huge shortage of Dermatologists in Canberra, I called
Sheri - Canberra

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