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  • There are many benefits when an air conditioner is professionally cleaned and sanitised. These aren't limited to –
  • Health benefits for children with growing lungs, asthmatics and people with respiratory issues. Mould and fungi spores are proven to have adverse health effects.
  • Financial benefits are twofold.
  • One – an a/c will use up to 30% less power if it is not clogged with contaminants. The energy savings usually outweigh the cost of our service.
  • Two – a/c components will last longer if they aren’t stressed by the machine having to work harder due to coil contamination.
  • Removal of odours caused by mould in the machine. Usually a waft of “dirty sock” smell most noticeable when the system is turned on.


  • It is inevitable that over time mould will begin to contaminate typical a/c systems. This is due to the fact that during normal running they produce a lot of water, thus the inside of the system is damp and dark. The ideal environment for mould, fungi and other bacteria to grow in.
  • Sanitair can thoroughly clean and sanitise both wall mounted split systems as well as ducted a/c systems. The process involves –
  • Testing the functionality of the system. Cool / heat / louvres & fan operate.
  • Isolating power to the a/c system with the isolation switch or fuse box circuit.
  • Removing the case and covers from the evaporator unit.
  • Fitting a catch hood to contain the job.
  • Applying enzyme cleaners to saturate the coils, outlet and barrel fan.
  • Rinsing coils, outlet and barrel fan.
  • Drying the unit and applying a slow release anti mould product called “Coil Guard”. This is the basis of our 12 month written guarantee.
  • Clearing the condensate drain line.
  • Cleaning the covers and filters.
  • Flushing the outside compressor unit coils.

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  • Sanitair is ARCtick approved.
  • Sanitair have National Police Certificates, Blue Cards and carry $20 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Sanitair is also the Preferred Supplier to the Resort Industry.
  • ABN is 28 163 765 858
  • ABN 28 163 765 858

About Sanitair Gold Coast South

Sanitair is a specialised A/C cleaning and sanitising company. The service that we provide is different from a standard “Air

Sanitair is a specialised A/C cleaning and sanitising company. The service that we provide is different from a standard “Air Conditioner Service”. We specialise in cleaning and sanitising air conditioning systems, which is a beneficial and relevant service to perform on a/c systems.

The reason for this is that a traditional a/c service simply checks gas, cleans the covers and removable filters and checks that the system is running. This type of service focuses on the physical functionality of the machine and doesn’t include deep cleaning the cooling coils which is necessary to prevent mould spores, dust, pollen and other contaminants from being blown out of the a/c system and into the surrounding area.
To do a thorough job of cleaning the coils inside the system takes training, time and specialised equipment.

Sanitair has provided this service to schools, child care centres, hotels, real estates, resorts, commercial and residential properties in the past with excellent feedback received from all.

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