• Head protection
  • Eye & face protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Workwear
  • Corporate workwear
  • Protective clothing
  • Hand protection
  • Protective footwear
  • Height safety
  • Air monitoring
  • Deluge systems
  • Site safety
  • Fire safety
  • First aid & medical
  • Skin care
  • Materials handling
  • Site hygiene
  • Emergency & safety lighting
  • Safety torches
  • Emergency lighting
  • MRO supplies
  • Miscellaneous


  • Professional advise
  • Height safety equipment test & tag
  • Gas detection & calibration
  • Deliveries (PDS)
  • Mobile services (3 fully stocked mobile shops)

Ways to Pay

  • AccountAccount
  • CashCash
  • ChequeCheque
  • Direct DebitDirect Debit
  • MastercardMastercard
  • VisaVisa


  • Height and Safety Test & Tag Certifications
  • ABN 82 156 300 515


  • Equipment - Mobile Operations
  • Our Mercedes 416 Sprinter vans are equipped with
  • Approximately 600 inventory SKU’s
  • An up-linked on-board notebook computer, that enables generation of invoices, formal quotes and order input, on the spot
  • Mobile telephone communication (hands free)
  • Internet/e-mail access
  • Mobile EFTPOS
  • Customer Support
  • In field sales support and account management
  • 118 page product, service and OH&S advice catalogue
  • SafetyQuip Website providing access from simple electronic browsing, to dedicated user pass worded login with access to account customer pricing and order placing capability
  • The website also features technical information and workplace health and safety news
  • The website has recently been upgraded to include mobile (smartphone/tablet) compatibility

About SafetyQuip Sunshine Coast

SafetyQuip offers a unique combination of 3 fully stocked mobile safety shops backed by a trade safety shop for your

SafetyQuip offers a unique combination of 3 fully stocked mobile safety shops backed by a trade safety shop for your convenience. At what ever intervals make sense, the safety products you need are available at your door with thousands more on instant call and delivered from our trade distribution warehouses.

We can make selecting, ordering and getting the right personal protective equipment and clothing easier, faster and provide you with better value.

We’re trained, available, local and reliable, yet we are also a fully resourced national group so there’s no downside in terms of range, price and much needed technical advice and support.

SafetyQuip can supply whatever you need to make your workplace and workers safer. Our range covers the full scope of safety supply including safety equipment, workwear and safety footwear–plus all the hard to get stuff that others shy away from.

So if you want all the usual safety gear but also want to be looked after for first aid, fire safety, traffic control, safety signs, height safety, environmental spill control, safety lighting and everything else then SafetyQuip is the outfit you’ve been looking for.