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With over 10 years' experience across 5 continents, Rev-Up Your Resume delivers customised application documents to empower job seekers to overcome unique challenges and obstacles within the current market. Leveraging our Read More...

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Good Job
posted this on

Having never had a resume, the thought of putting 15 years of nursing experience on paper seemed intimidating. Rev-Up Your Resume made the entire process enjoyable and stress free. They went above and beyond to help me develop up to 4 resume versions until finally putting together a resume I feel proud to show employer.

Highly satisfied client
posted this on

As an international customer moving from USA to Australia, I was lucky enough to find Rev-Up Your Resume. They're very professional and understand what is required to develop a high quality resume. I highly recommend them for anyone whether they live in Australia or abroad.

Very fast results
posted this on

Straight out of Uni, I've been looking for a job for over a year with a resume I created. I thought it was good, but I had maybe 1-2 enquiries over a years time and I was getting frustrated. So, I decided to get my resume professionally done and came across Rev-Up Your Resume.

The team contacted me very quickly and they provided a timeline that they stuck to. They were extremely professional and consistent from beginning to end. I uploaded my new resume and cover letter on seek and ind... eed and provided a copy to my head hunter as well, and after about 5 days, I have received at least 7 calls from companies and recruiters over the past week. I had an interview on 2/23 and this morning 3/2 I got a call confirming I got the job I wanted in the field I was trying to break into. Keep in mind this entire process from contacting Rev-Up Your Resume to me obtaining my new job has only taken about 2 weeks!

I am so excited right now... I trusted them and they delivered! When I look at the resumes side by side I understand why I had no enquiries. Now I am turning down interviews and I start my new job 2 weeks from now. Thank you again and I will continue to keep in touch.


Great investment
posted this on

My new resume paid off and I have secured a new senior accountant role to include a 20% salary increase. I have had countless calls from job sites since you overhauled my resume. Before availing your service, I received no interest at all. Your work represented the difference between getting noticed and being another resume. This translates as $250 extremely well spent. If others can benefit as much as I have from your services it can only be a good thing.

Excellent service
posted this on

Resume looked great and fitted so much into such a small space. High satisfied customer here. - Brian R.

4.9 13

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