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No Title
a year ago
My only issue with rev-up your resume is that I did not find them 10 years earlier! The new resume has done quite well. I'm now in the final stages of interviewing with 2 different Fortune500 corporations. Thank you so much!
- Miami QLD

Highly satisfied client

2 years ago
As an international customer moving from USA to Australia, I was lucky enough to find Rev-Up Your Resume. They're very professional and understand what is required to develop a high quality resume. I highly recommend them for anyone whether they live in Australia or abroad.
- South Maclean

Very fast results

2 years ago
Straight out of Uni, I've been looking for a job for over a year with a resume I created. I thought it was good, but I had maybe 1-2 enquiries over a years time and I was getting frustrated. So, I decided to get my resume professionally done and came across Rev-Up Your Resume. The team contacted me very quickly and they provided a timeline that they stuck to. They were extremely professional and consistent from beginning to end. I uploaded my new resume and cover letter on seek and indeed and provided a copy to my head hunter as well, and after about 5 days, I have received at least 7 calls from companies and recruiters over the past week. I had an interview on 2/23 and this morning 3/2 I got a call confirming I got the job I wanted in the field I was trying to break into. Keep in mind this entire process from contacting Rev-Up Your Resume to me obtaining my new job has only taken about 2 weeks! I am so excited right now... I trusted them and they delivered! When I look at the resumes side by side I understand why I had no enquiries. Now I am turning down interviews and I start my new job 2 weeks from now. Thank you again and I will continue to keep in touch.
- Hallam

Great investment

2 years ago
My new resume paid off and I have secured a new senior accountant role to include a 20% salary increase. I have had countless calls from job sites since you overhauled my resume. Before availing your service, I received no interest at all. Your work represented the difference between getting noticed and being another resume. This translates as $250 extremely well spent. If others can benefit as much as I have from your services it can only be a good thing.
- Wollongong

Excellent service

2 years ago
Resume looked great and fitted so much into such a small space. High satisfied customer here. - Brian R.
- Melbourne

Professional service

2 years ago
My colleague just recommended this service to me at 10% discount. I was doubtful at first, but the results looked amazing. They completely rewrote my existing long and boring resume to highlight the most interesting features. Very professional.
- Higgins

My success story with Rev-Up Your Resume

2 years ago
I just wanted to share my success story with you. I received my new resume on January 10th. I applied for a position with the local Government the following day. I was called for a test and interview on January 24th and 30th respectively. I was called back on February 2nd and recommended on the position on February 3rd. I truly believe my new resume was the biggest factor to me getting in the door over other applicants - and all this happened in less than 1 month. THANK YOU very much. I'm very appreciative of your service.
- Summer Hill

Thank you...

2 years ago
I had a very experienced HR recruiter friend review my resume documents. Both the wording and layout received great reviews. What'™s more, I started getting more phone calls and emails than I ever had before. I started applying for jobs, but now my resume has been posted for few days I had to stop because I can'™t keep up with the activity! Very good indeed. Highly recommend your services.
- Brisbane

Will highly recommend

2 years ago
Rev-Up Your Resume is amazing. If I ever need to use this service again I will be working with them. They highlighted my talents and turned my weakness into assets. I absolutely love their work. I really liked that they gave me a call, and that the team was so professional. After speaking with them, I felt much more comfortable about paying for their service, and I am sure after reading my resume and cover letter that I will have no trouble getting interviews.
- Gold Coast

Boosted my confidence

2 years ago
I contacted Rev-Up Your Resume after months of unsuccessful applications. one month later, I have received numerous phone calls, interviews here and there, and recently a job offer. They truly brought my career back on track. Investment was really worth it.
- Gold Coast

Exceeded my expectations

2 years ago
Revup Your Resume gave my very outdated CV a complete overhaul. Modern format and rewrote it in a way I couldn't possibly have done myself. They transformed my boring resume bullet points into powerful sentences that would definitely draw any reader. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to have a distinct advantage on their job search.
- Thornton

Worth the investment

2 years ago
Fast and smooth transaction. Their team is very professional and easy to deal with they offered great advice and asked relevant questions. I have been short listed for 3 potential roles now.
- Rowville

Delivered as promise

2 years ago
I would personally recommend Rev-Up Your Resume. Their team helped me a lot transitioning from technical to accounting field, having no previous experience under my belt but my degree. Their resume version is successful in landing me several interviews for junior accounting role.
- Brookvale

very good...

a year ago
I looked over both the resume and cover letter, and they both look great. I was even impressed when I read it, and I originally thought there wouldn't be anything impressive about my work history. Wow! Thanks!
- Miami QLD

Good Job

2 years ago
Having never had a resume, the thought of putting 15 years of nursing experience on paper seemed intimidating. Rev-Up Your Resume made the entire process enjoyable and stress free. They went above and beyond to help me develop up to 4 resume versions until finally putting together a resume I feel proud to show employer.
- Woree
No Title
a year ago
My new resume was a vast improvement from my old one. Only reason why I only gave 3 out 5 is 'coz I'm not sure yet if I'm going to get job interviews. Trying to be positive though.
- ormeau