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a month ago
Great service by Allan and Graham, I was told my tyres required replacement by a dealer and I told them I would check prices elsewhere. Reekies were the best by far and I was asked by Graham to call in for him to check my tyre condition. Upon calling in both Graham and Allan checked my tyres and agreed I had roughly 10,000klm left in them and asked how many KLM I do a year (roughly 3000klm). I was then told no need to spend money on tyres today and have a good afternoon. How good and honest are these two people, I will be back when tyres are required. Thanks again for great service.
Sylvia Walshe
2 months ago
4 star rating, got tyres last week as I shopped around and they had best prices by far for my 4x4, wheel alignment took a while but manager kept me informed the reason for this and now it drives better then new. Speak to Allan, Graeme or the office girls as very helpful. I called in Tuesday as rego ran out and mechanic (who was to busy eathier talking on his mobile, then talking to young boy in work shop) eventually said need car for a few hours. The office is busy (not a problem), and the 2 people I normally deal with were not available. Left and got rego done up the road who's mechanic was just as rude but did rego on the spot. I will definitely return to Reekies as overall they are best in area.

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