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About Redlynch Kindergarten

Catholic Childcare and Community Kindergarten Redlynch caters for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years and includes Long

Catholic Childcare and Community Kindergarten Redlynch caters for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years and includes Long Day Care with both integrated Government Approved Kindergarten and Sessional Kindergarten.

It is fundamental that educational and care service provision be authentic, developmentally sensitive, community centred, relevant and responsive.

Our services are founded upon the love of Jesus Christ, the values of the Gospels, the significance of relationships, developmental excellence and quality learning.

Our teachers and caregivers support families in raising their children by:
Helping parents to balance family activities and workplace responsibilities.
Responding to each child’s needs with care that is sensitive and relevant.
Maintaining collaborative relationships with families.
Providing best practice education that is also creative and challenging.

The Legal/corporate entity that is the sponsor for our Early Learning Services is the Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the diocese of Cairns (RCTC).

Catholic Early Learning and Care (CELC) has the administrative responsibility for the Early Learning Services. Provider Approval Number: PR00006556.

Our centre has been blessed with a wonderful location; nestled within the slope of a little hill that is tucked away from the busyness of the street and covered in native trees and grasses that form a lush, natural backdrop to the centre. There is a basket ball court to the left, cane fields to the right, and a large grassed field right out the front. And it is adjacent to St Andrew's Catholic College, Redlynch. What more could you ask for?

The centre is the home away from home for an extended family of 8 infants, 8 junior toddlers, 12 senior toddlers and 22 kindergarteners - open for 50 weeks of the year, from 7am until 6pm.

"What's for lunch today?" will be a question asked by many, when the aromas from the kitchen waft through the garden into the rooms. Healthy, nutritious meals are prepared by our Cook and served in the dining room; children chatting and sharing a meal with their Educators.

The infant and toddler rooms have large observation windows, so if you’re finding it difficult to leave your little ones, you can escape into the sound proof room and watch through smoky grey windows. If the little ones get up close enough, they may just be able to press their little faces up against the glass to see you.

The kindy kids have their own art studio and a special spot for busy clay workers is set up on the large, wide verandah.
Our outdoor program is just as important to us as our indoor program, therefore our landscape designer has designed an irresistible play space.

Our Teachers and Educators offer a wealth of experience and are warm and friendly.

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