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About Queensland Timber Flooring

Nothing compares to the warmth, style and natural beauty of solid hardwood timber flooring as a floor covering for your

Nothing compares to the warmth, style and natural beauty of solid hardwood timber flooring as a floor covering for your home or commercial project.

The increased demand for a timber floor over concrete and other applications has

established Queensland Timber Flooring as a leader in this specialist industry.

Our Managing Director, David Smith is one of the first pioneers in Brisbane to install timber floor boards over concrete in the early 90’s.

Today we are one of the largest and most experienced timber flooring companies in Queensland, offering a complete supply and installation service throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With over 30 years experience in the timber industry, there is no other company in Queensland that understands timber flooring like we do.

Queensland Timber Flooring pride themselves in offering their customers a quality timber floor, together with a personal guarantee for 7 years. We are members of the ATFA and have the highest level of accreditation, with David Smith, our Managing Director also being a member of their National Technical Committee. We are also members of Timber Queensland. Our PQC registration means we have achieved prequalification to undertake building projects for the Queensland Government, one project being the recent supply and installation of wide hardwood flooring at the Queensland Art.Gallery. We have a company QBSA licence no. 1074080.

Our product range includes T & G solid hardwood flooring, Parquetry and Bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring being a prefinished timber is an ideal DIY product.

Today, Queensland Timber Flooring is an industry leader throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Solid hardwood flooring is an expensive floor covering. Selecting the right flooring company should not be judged by the cheapest price but as appreciated what the company can offer you. Such an investment needs to be backed by company history, assurance and peace of mind.

When installing your timber floor, our combined knowledge and expertise is unmatched, together with a 7 year guarantee.

We can't give you all of our secrets to the perfect timber floor installation, but will explain the three key methods of installing hardwood floorboards over concrete. Queensland Timber Flooring artisans agree on a single preference, to ensure a durable wooden floor, which has the right amount of "give" under your feet. We stake our reputation on the result!

Plywood System
Queensland Timber Flooring recommends the plywood system for quality residential work, where a secret nailed tongue and groove floor is required, as this method achieves a cushioned effect over concrete. This proven and reliable system involves laying a moisture barrier over the concrete slab, then fixing 15 mm plywood sheeting to the concrete using high tensile steel fixings. The floor boards are then secret nailed and fully glued to the plywood, giving a finished height of 34 mm. This system is preferred in residential installations as the solid mass of plywood sub floor eliminates vermin inhabitation and is a quieter floor compared to the hollow sound of the batten system.

The Batten System
The Batten System is mainly used for fixing wide board tongue and groove flooring over concrete using a 70 mm x 35 mm hardwood batten which is fixed over a moisture barrier. The flooring is then glued and hand nailed through the top of the board to the battens, giving a finished height of 54 mm. In some commercial installations a 19 mm hardwood batten can be used to secret nail and fix an 80 mm x 19 mm T & G floor board over concrete, giving a finished height of 38 mm.

Direct Glue System
Direct Glue System involves gluing tongue & groove flooring directly to the concrete slab. As the adhesion of the glue is critical with this system the concrete surface has to be extremely even and flat. This essential flooring alignment can mean higher installation costs. In some instances, a liquid moisture barrier is required prior to installing the floor, another "hidden" cost which may appear. Perhaps the main disadvantage with this system is the lack of flexibility and hardness under foot.

Sanding and Polishing
Final preparation of your timber floorboards is the key to achieving the "WOW" factor in your home or commercial building. The way a floor is used and amount of traffic will also help determine the type of finish applied to any wood floor.

Generally there are three main types of finishes that are available.

Solvent based Polyurethane, Water based Polyurethane and Tung/Modified Oil. All these finishes are applied in 3 coats, each product has its own distinct advantages.

Solvent based Polyurethane
Solvent based Polyurethane is the most common of all finishes as it is the most durable and, like Tung Oil highlights the wood grain and brings out the richness of the darker timbers. The disadvantage with Polyurethane is that it does not allow the timber flooring to freely expand and contract and can break the surface seal between each board. This finish is available in Matt, Satin or Gloss.

Water based Polyurethane
Water based Polyurethane is the most environmentally friendly finish as it is odourless and quick drying. It is mainly used in maintaining the natural colour of light timbers (prevents yellowing). Water base polyurethane is available in commercial and domestic quality depending on the durability required. The main disadvantage with this finish is the higher cost of the product. This finish is also available in Matt, Satin or Gloss.

Tung/Modified Oil
Tung Oil was the original oil based finish and is still available today. Out of these three types of finish Tung Oil is the only finish that allows the timber flooring to expand and contract with out effecting the integrity of the finish. Its main disadvantage is the lack of durability when compared to polyurethane. Modified Oil has been formulated over the past ten years giving a similar appearance to Tung Oil with a more durable finish. If you are looking for that natural look and are not expecting the hardness of a polyurethane, then this is the finish for you. This finish is available in Satin or Gloss.

Alternative Finishes
As well as these three main finishes, there are other less common products such as natural oils and waxes. These finishes give a completely different look to the floor and the timber is left with a much "flatter" finish. The disadvantage with these types of finishes are that they are more labour intensive to apply and incur higher material costs. Some finishes require ongoing maintenance.

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