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  • 1- Astrology Birth Charts - Personal Profiles - Natal Charts one to one appointment (recorded on MP3)
  • 2- Yearly Forecasts - Combined techniques to provide an year ahead forecast (recorded on MP3 or computerised Reports).
  • For price and bookings visit:
  • http://www.betoboton.com/astrology/orderastrologycharts.html
  • Alternatively:
  • 3- Affordable Computerised Astro-Reports (quick and easy Astrology readings sent to you via Email) YES you can have a computerised personality profile or even a compatibility report in no time.


  • Astrology
  • Counselling
  • Life Coaching
  • Astro Reports
  • Newborn Asto-Reports
  • Predictive Astro Reports
  • Personal Astro-Reports
  • Relationship Astro-Reports
  • Online Courses.

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  • Yearly Forecasts
  • Personal Profiles
  • Online Astrology Courses
  • Counselling
  • Life-Coaching with Astrology chart & forecasts
  • Compatibility & Relationships Astro-Reports

About Professional Astrologer Beto Boton

As a Professional Astrologer starting in 1979 and having worked all around the world, Beto Boton specialises in two types

As a Professional Astrologer starting in 1979 and having worked all around the world, Beto Boton specialises in two types of Astrological work :

1- Personal Profiles - Natal (Birth) Charts
2- Yearly Forecasts - Combined techniques to provide an year ahead forecast.

His work can be delivered in two ways:

1- Live Readings of Birth Chart or 1 Year Forecast recorded on MP3 or
2 - Astro-Reports, affordable, quick and easy Astrology readings sent to you via Email

If you are a local (Sunshine Coast) please say so when you place your order, so you will be charged in Australian Dollars (note: our website has prices in US Dollars, considering we cater for clients worldwide!

Usually Astrology based work is done on a consultation via Skype®, but it can also be done on MP3 and sent to you or in person, if you happen to be on the Sunshine Coast.

Live readings are Astrological interpretations crafted one by one by Beto Boton. They differ from "Astro-Reports" in several ways:
a) They are in depth analysis
b) They are individually crafted
c) They are "voice-recorded" for LIVE interpretations by Beto Boton
d) There are too many factors a computer report cannot cover with present technology that a Professional Astrologer can
e) You can make questions as you wish
f) The interpretation can be person centred, where you tell the Astrologer what you want the reading to focus on
g) It is an individual session with a Professional Astrologer with more than 35 years experience.

NOTE : You must provide correct birth information for all the reports with your order.

It is the customer responsibility to provide correct:

a) Day, Month, Year, TIME and locality of birth.

b) Time of birth please specify:
AM (from Midnight 00:00 to 11:59) OR
FOR EXACT MIDNIGHT please write MIDNIGHT (the beginning of the date)
PM (From Noon 12:00 to 23:59)
FOR EXACT NOON please write NOON

c) Locality is city/town, state and country if not in Australia

Why have an Astrological Chart done by a professional?

Reading your horoscope in a magazine can be fun, but it does not represent the reality of what’s happening to you. It can be misleading and it has nothing to do with a real Astrological Chart done based on accurate calculations of your date, time and place of birth.

Horoscope prediction has little relation to what the complex science of astrology is all about. Astrology is the study the movement of the planets and constellations and their role in our life. And it is truly a science. We all know that the moon affects seed germination, plant growth and flowering. A Planting Calendar is about rhythms: solar & lunar/moon rhythms. Farmers can use this information to bring life back into the soil, so that the food produced from this living soil has increased life force/vitality/nutrition, enhancing the quality of human life.

What Is an Astrological Chart?

Your sun sign tells you which constellation the sun was associated with when you were born. So if you are Gemini, all this means is that at the time you were born, the sun had an association with the constellation of stars known as Gemini. And more than likely, you will have the same GENERAL characteristics as others born under the same Sun sign.

However, I bet that if you've ever read your horoscope on a newspaper or magazine, you thought: ”no way, I’m completely different!” This happens because we all have the 12 Signs present and operating in different ways and in different areas of our lives. A professional Astrologer can explain how this is manifested into your life and how this shapes “who you are.”

When a professional Astrologer does a forecast, he/she is looking at the position of the Planets at a moment in time (now or in the future) and that’s how he/she knows how these may bring challenges or open new opportunities for you (with very accurate details of what and when). As Planets pass through your Chart, during your lifetime, you experience their various influences, challenges, opportunities and changes associated with them.

Everyone will benefit differently from an individual reading. Here are some common benefits:

1. A personal profile gives you great insight into your personality, including your talents, your weaknesses and areas you’d prefer to avoid

2. An Astrological forecast gives you more information about the choices available to you in the future and helps you make a decision on the course of action that will result in maximal personal growth for you. It is like having a GPS to navigate through life’s good and difficult times.

3. An Astrologer will look at your chart and help you find new insights if you are planning the best times for that special trip overseas or even your wedding date

3. If you are planning a change in career or life path, this is your opportunity to plan it with a clear head and all the information you need to make a conscious decision with far more chances of great success!

A little more information about our Astro-Reports:

Astro-Reports are an affordable, accurately calculated computer generated interpretation of several types of Astrological Charts, making it an incredible Astrological Interpretation source, for anyone interested in going deeper than the daily horoscope.

Astro-Reports are individually calculated using the most precise Astrology data, creating top quality results reflecting your personal style and preferences. All Astro-Reports are personally verified by Beto Boton (Professional Astrologer for more than 35 years), before being emailed to you.

Astro Reports make a fantastic gift to a friend, a birthday gift, a newborn's Astrological reading for the parents/grand-parents, when starting a new relationship and of course for yourself to have a good understanding of what's up for you on the year ahead.
Astro-Reports are high quality, individually crafted Astrological Reports using your correct Birth information. Astro-Reports are affordable Personal Astrology Reports using precise data for each person and individually calculated, offering you an easy way to check for yourself what Astrology can do for you!

Several quality Astro-Reports are available:

1. New Born's Birth Chart: Who told you babies don't come with a manual? They do! Newborn Astro-Reports are an excellent "Quick Start Guide" for parents, grandparents aunties and uncles. Babies Astro-Report are gender specific (boys & girls), and offer a head start in understanding your little bundle of joy. Girl or Boy Astro-Report make a fantastic gift to the happy family.

2. Personal Birth Chart: Personal Astro-Reports are a detailed Astrological Chart readings, based on the date, time and place of your birth. They go far beyond your sign, giving a sharp and concise interpretation of the position of all planets and house on your Birth Chart. Get to know yourself or the people you car better.

3. Adult's 1 Year Forecast (Predictive Astro-Reports): Predictive Astro-Reports concentrate on offering you an insight on the possibilities of your future. It gives you road map of your year ahead, helping you make informed decisions with a little help from your friend, Astrology. When it comes to decision time, have a Predictive Astro-Report to add more info into your new prospects. Of course if you are "lost in space" a Predictive Astro-Report can help you identify your stars and find your way!

4. Compatibility & Relationships Astro-Reports (Relationship Chart - 2 People comparison by affinity): Starting a new relationship? You wish to better understand your current relationship? What are the dynamics of your relationship? These and other subjects are analysed by the Compatibility & Relationships Astro-Reports. Two people are "compared in detail" to offer you an expanded view of the forces that play a part on the dynamic of your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you a Psychic?
No. All readings are based on Astrological study.

Do you read Tarot cards?

Do you participate in parties doing readings?

Can you do a reading for someone else for me?
No. I do not do readings without the consent of the person.

What if I don't know the time I was born?
Well, the short answer is that your birth chart will be inaccurate, BUT there are some steps that can be followed before giving up without a fight!
1- HOSPITAL - Usually hospitals keep birth records. Some charge a fee to retrieve your birth record, and some ask for a written request.
2- Relatives. Talk to relatives to check if they remember about your birth, being there, receiving a call etc this will be extremely helpful (see rectification)
3- There is an Astrological work called Birth Time Rectification. It is extremely time consuming and can become quite expensive, but it is based on a "reverse prediction", meaning: Knowing a list of important events in your life (when and what happened) the Astrologer tries to find a time of birth where all the known events could have been predicted with that particular time of birth. Please understand we are talking about weeks of work not hours to rectify a time of birth. This method is not fail proof if the time is unknown for more than 12 hours. It gets more precise when the time we are looking for is in a range of 2 hours.

Do you teach Astrology?
Yes, if we can have a small group interested it is possible to arrange specific courses.

What type of Astrology do you do?
What I do is known as "Traditional Astrology". It dates back as early as the 2nd millennium BCE and it uses the tropical zodiac.
It is not be confused with Hindu Astrology (Jyotish)

How long are the readings?
The longest is 90 minutes, it is enough time for the reading, questions/answers and quick chat.

Are you member of any professional organisation?
No. I was in the past, but it became just lots of money to pay and no benefits.
Like a friend said: Too many years on the back of the ute mate...

How accurate are your predictions?
The short answer is: if you believe the weather forecast is good, we can do better.
The good part about predictive work is that it gets better progressively; the more you are able to refine it with the feedback of the client, particularly when it is done every year.

How accurate are the Astro-Reports?
They are very accurate for what they are intended. Of course they are a simplification of a full reading with a Professional Astrologer, but at the same time they represent very good quality "personalised Astrology" and very far better than general horoscope.


Beto Boton developed a Life-Coaching program based on realistic and achievable principles. This program takes into consideration the necessity of living in a materialistic society, without having to give up your social and spiritual core beliefs.

Beto Boton's Life-Coaching program is composed of short term, goal oriented sessions that follow an initial evaluation session to determine if this program is something you will be comfortable with and willing to pursue.

From this initial session a minimum and maximum number of sessions are agreed upon.
Clear objectives and measurement of results are established. A coaching agreement is firmed.

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