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FAQs about Proactive Pest Solutions

Pest Control

  • How long does the pest control inspection/application take?

    Our average inspection and pest control solution application time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Some properties may take longer, depending on the size of the home, however, we endeavour to provide an approximate time for your individual property at the time of booking.

  • Are the chemicals safe for children, pets and animals?

    Yes. While we could provide an enormous amount of information as to why our products and application techniques are safe, we find it much easier to keep it simple: Your safety is our priority! We will ask that if anyone in your household has any allergies or sensitivities to any products, that way we can cross-check our product guide to ensure the absolute safety of your family.

  • How often should pest control treatment be done?

    We recommend an annual general pest treatment focusing on the treatment of cockroaches, spiders and ants. We also recommend annual termite inspections. Rats and mice are treated on an as-needed basis if we find evidence of their presence in your home. The products we use have an effective lifespan of 1 year when applied in the methods specified by the manufacturer.

Cockroach Control

  • What can I expect after treatment?

    After the treatment, you will likely find dead insects – within 24 hours in most cases. We use a combination of treatments and chemicals that affect pest insects in different ways. Some products we use have a slower knock-down effect and may take a week or more to eliminate the colony, depending on the type of pest being targeted.

  • Do you treat inside cupboards and underneath furniture?

    As the safest option, we treat inside cupboards with a durable cockroach gel. We do not use sprays or dust inside your cupboards. Treatment under and behind furniture is dependent on access to these areas. We will discuss this with you after we have inspected your property.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

  • Have you Found Live Termites in your House?

    Cover the area again and call us immediately. Don’t wait for them to do more damage! If you disturb the termites they will leave the area and return to the nest (which is generally underground). This makes it harder to adequately carry out an effective treatment.

  • Do I need a termite barrier?

    A termite barrier may be recommended for your property as an important termite prevention measure. We factor in several considerations when determining the need for a termite barrier, in a home. We will discuss these factors in detail with you because we want you to understand the risks and the reasons why we have recommended one, and then we will explain the costs involved.

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About Proactive Pest Solutions

Proactive Pest Solutions was created in response to a need in the southeast Queensland market for a professional, proactive approach

Proactive Pest Solutions was created in response to a need in the southeast Queensland market for a professional, proactive approach to pest control for your home.

When we were founded, we observed that the industry was almost exclusively comprised of pest control service operators who functioned for their clients purely on a reactive basis. As a result of this, people’s homes were becoming overrun with general pests and termites – and only then was the issue being addressed.
Once overrun, the treatments that are required to mitigate ongoing risks and eliminate these pests required the use of more chemicals and in more locations on a regular basis to overcome and control the problem.

By being proactive in our approach to pest control, we help homeowners keep pests at bay. We achieve this by providing a regular, scheduled treatment plan designed to suit your needs and budget and keep pests in control all of the time.

We take the stress out of pest control by keeping track of your service intervals and keeping in regular contact with you to ensure there are no problems during the interim treatment period. We provide you with recommendations and solutions you can apply in between treatments to ensure that your home remains safe from all things creepy and crawly.

From general pests like cockroaches, ants and spider, to termite barriers, termite inspections, or treatment of other pests like wasps or even rodents that can occur over time, we have the ideal proactive approach to all services.

We work with you to address your unique needs and we use the safest pest control products available.

Our friendly and professional service is second to none and our superior pest control solutions work. Contact us today to learn more.